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"I am a young woman in a big city and there are a lots of dangers that come with just people trying to contact you and come to your home"

Avoid The 6 Dangers of Selling Your Car Privately

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We Pay Highest Price for your Used Car Truck or SUV

From Late Model to Classics and Motorcycles Too

Dennis Buys Cars all makes models and classic American cars like this blue 1960 Ford Thunderbird

"Hi, I am Dennis Goddard of and if you want to know how to sell a car today at the highest possible price with no hassle, call me now at 310-253-9977. We know selling a car on your own can be a pain in the you-know-what. We make it easy, safe and fast and we buy all types of vehicles. Cars, trucks, late model, SUVs and classic cars, too. Is your registration expired? Did you lose your title? No problem. Parking tickets? Not running or need repair? No problem! We handle everything. We are a licensed and bonded California Used Car Dealer, conveniently located about 10 minutes from LAX off the 10 Freeway near the Roberston exit. Call me right now for a free quote and in ten minutes you'll be walking out of here with ready cash for cars, trucks and SUVs."

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Why Choose Dennis Buys Cars

Dennis buys cars and he makes it easy - No hassles No weasles - Fast cash for cars Today
  1. There is NO HASSLE!
  2. WE ARE LOCAL, Get Cash for Cars TODAY!
  3. No bank "holds" or possible check fraud from unknown "buyers"
  4. You don't have to worry about writing an ad and uploading pictures of your car or the cost of any form of advertising.
  5. You won't have to deal with annoying phone calls and the public coming to your home or business that will disrupt your day with missed appointments or constant rescheduling.
  6. You won't have to deal with endless emails with dumb questions from finicky prospects that probably won't buy anyway.
  7. We are local, right here in Los Angeles. We are an established "Brick and Mortar" location with real people, real plants and real dogs that have been at the same location since 2003. We are not a reseller of leads and we do not sell or forward your contact information or your vehicle information to anyone.
  8. You won't have to engage in a financial transaction with unpredictable strangers.
  9. We professionally handle all DMV work and full release of liability. Sometimes when you sell your car to a private buyer, they don't transfer your vehicle into their name right away and drive around on your registration. This nightmare can result in tickets; parking, speeding, toll booth and photographic red-light violations being sent to you which require further action on your part to prove that the car is no longer yours. This means taking time off from work, going to court and sometimes confronting the buyer of your car or truck.

"What is My Car Worth?"

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Know Your Used Car Value

We pay the HIGHEST PRICE for used cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, clunkers to luxury cars, late models to classics, econo-boxes to sports, performance and muscle cars! Right Now! Get a free expert appraisal of your used car value. We are a licensed and bonded California Used Car Dealer and we will tell you what your car is worth, pay highest price and professionally handle all DMV work for YOU! If you're wondering how to sell a car with no hassle, call 310-253-9977 and get a free, no obligation quote to get cash for your car now.


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Sell My Car Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Culver City where mid-city meets the westside FREEWAY CLOSE

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We Buy and Sell Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs, economy, luxury and Classic Cars
including the following makes and models:

Acura Alfa Romeo American Motors Aston Martin Audi Baracuda Bentley BMW Buick Cadillac Camaro Chevrolet Corvette Chrysler Daewoo Daihatsu Datsun Dodge Charger Challenger Eagle Ferrari Fiat Ford Falcon Thunderbird T-Bird Geo GMC G35 G37 GTO Honda Hyundai Infiniti Isuzu Jaguar Jeep Kia Lamborghini Land Rover Lexus Lincoln Lotus Maserati Maybach Mazda Mercedes-Benz Mercury Cyclone Merkur Mini Mitsubishi Morgan Mustang Montego Nissan 240Z 260Z Oldsmobile Peugeot Plymouth Pontiac Porsche Rolls Royce Saab Saturn Scion Smart Subaru Suzuki Toyota Trabant Triumph Volkswagen VW Volvo

Dennis Buys Motorcycles

Get the Most Cash for Your Old Harley at Dennis Buys Cars in Los Angeles

Dennis Buys Motorcycles like this 2007 Harley Davidson

Get The Most Cash for Your Used Car Truck Suv and Motorcycle

Dennis Buys Cars pays the highest price and the most cash for motorcycles. Needless to say, the cleaner it is, the more money you'll get, but Dennis has been known to pay top dollar for dusty old relics from your grandpa's garage!

Either way, you can't lose. Give Dennis a call right now for a free appraisal of your motorcycle.


Get Cash For Motorcycles in Los Angeles Today

We Buy Japanese Motorcycles like Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, American Motorcycles like Harley Davidson, Indian, British bikes Triumph Norton BSA, German BMW, Italian Ducati, and Moto Guzzi, KTM and more. Maybe a Ural. Even the Harley branded Aermacchi (if you have one!)

We buy all kinds of motorcycles, from cruisers to rice rockets, adventure touring to motocross! Also check out our inventory of Motorcycles for Sale


The Benefits of Selling Your
Car for Cash in Los Angeles

Car Buyer Los Angeles

Are you considering selling your car in Los Angeles? If so, it's important to find the right car buyer who can offer you a fair price for your vehicle. There are many car buyers in Los Angeles, but not all of them provide the same benefits. When looking for a car buyer in Los Angeles, it's crucial to choose one that offers cash for cars. By selling your car for cash, you can enjoy several advantages over other methods of selling.

Cash for cars Los Angeles

Selling your car for cash in Los Angeles has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. When you sell your car for cash, you can avoid the hassles and drawbacks associated with other selling methods such as trade-ins or selling to private buyers.

One of the key advantages of cash for cars in Los Angeles is the quick and convenient process. Unlike other selling methods, which can take weeks or even months to complete, selling your car for cash offers a straightforward and efficient process. You can simply contact a reputable car buyer in Los Angeles, get a free quote, and if you accept the offer, the car buyer will arrange for a quick inspection and payment. This means you can receive your cash within a short period, allowing you to handle any financial needs or move on to your next vehicle purchase swiftly.

Another benefit of selling your car for cash in Los Angeles is the simplicity of the transaction. When you sell your car privately, you may have to deal with potential buyers who have different expectations, demands, or negotiation tactics. This can lead to wasted time, frustration, and a prolonged selling process. On the contrary, when you choose cash for cars in Los Angeles, you can sell your vehicle quickly and easily without dealing with the complexities of bargaining or multiple showings.

Additionally, selling your car for cash in Los Angeles offers a safer alternative. When you sell your car privately, you might have concerns about your personal safety or the risk of accepting counterfeit payments. Fortunately, reputable car buyers in Los Angeles who specialize in cash transactions ensure a secure and worry-free selling experience. They have well-established procedures in place to ensure the safety of both parties involved.

Sell my car for cash

If you're asking yourself, "Should I sell my car for cash?", there are several factors to consider. Selling your car for cash can be an excellent option if you need money quickly, or if you simply want to avoid the hassle of bargaining or trading in your vehicle. By choosing to sell your car for cash, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quick and convenient process: Selling your car for cash allows you to complete the transaction quickly, without the need for multiple showings or complex negotiations. The process is straightforward, saving you time and effort.

  • Immediate access to cash: When you sell your car for cash, you receive payment promptly, often within a few hours. This can be beneficial if you need funds for unexpected expenses or if you want to have cash in hand for your next vehicle purchase.

  • No advertising or marketing expense: Selling your car privately often requires creating advertisements, responding to inquiries, and meeting with potential buyers. By selling your car for cash, you can skip the advertising process, streamlining the selling experience.

  • Safer transaction: Selling your car for cash eliminates the risk associated with accepting checks or online payments, ensuring a secure transaction. Reputable car buyers in Los Angeles follow strict protocols to protect both parties involved.

  • Quick cash for cars

    When it comes to selling your car and getting quick cash in Los Angeles, finding a reliable car buyer is essential. With an experienced and reputable car buyer who offers quick cash for cars, you can benefit from a straightforward and efficient selling process.

    Selling your car for quick cash is particularly advantageous if you're facing a time-sensitive situation or need immediate funds. Whether you need money for unexpected bills, want to upgrade to a new vehicle, or need to free up space in your garage, selling your car for quick cash in Los Angeles can be the ideal solution.

    With a trusted car buyer, you can enjoy the benefits of a hassle-free selling experience. The process typically involves contacting the car buyer, providing some basic information about your vehicle, receiving a free quote, and if you accept, scheduling an inspection and receiving your cash. The car buyer will handle all the necessary paperwork, ensuring a smooth and convenient transaction.

    Moreover, selling your car for quick cash in Los Angeles allows you to avoid the uncertainties and risks associated with other selling methods. You don't have to spend time and money on advertising, negotiate with potential buyers, or worry about securing payment. Instead, you can sell your car quickly and effortlessly, saving you valuable time and energy.

    You see, selling your car for cash in Los Angeles offers numerous benefits compared to other selling methods. By choosing a reputable car buyer who specializes in cash transactions, you can enjoy a quick, convenient, and secure selling experience. Whether you need immediate funds or want to avoid the complexities of bargaining or trading in your vehicle, selling your car for cash can be the perfect solution. Don't hesitate to contact Dennis Buys Cars a trusted car buyer in Los Angeles over two decades at same location and take advantage of the benefits that come with selling your car for cash.

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