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Marlaina and Joel Sold Their Toyota 4Runner to


DENNIS: Marlaina and Joel, could you tell us about your car selling experience here at
MARLAINA: It was a lot of fun we had a blast.
JOEL: No haggle, Dennis gave us the best price. Excellent.
DENNIS: How did you hear about us?
MARLAINA: We were driving by. We live in the area. We have seen these great signs. It looked like a friendly place. We made a phone call, spoke with Dennis, he was very nice, very helpful, answered all my questions, we made an appointment to come in, we went over everything, he was very thorough and gave me a very fair price.
DENNIS: Could you tell us about the car you sold today.
ARLAINA: Well it's been my baby for the past three years and it's been a great car and runs very well.
JOEL: We're sad to get rid of it but we don't need two cars.
MARLAINA: We're 'gonna miss it.
DENNIS: Would you tell your friends about us?
MARLAINA: Absolutely.



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