How To Buy and Sell a Car in Los Angeles if You Are Visiting From Another Country

One of the unique services that we provide here at Dennis Buys Cars is that we help International customers buy and sell their cars. We know that you, like many other people from all parts of the world will be visiting or staying in the US for a period of time for work, pleasure or school. We will show you that it would be actually cheaper for you to buy a car from us, use it for a period of time and sell it back to us when you leave. This still works out to be less expensive than renting a car for six months or a year or so.

We handle everything for you, the registration, smog, all DMV paperwork and insurance. All you do is drive off with your home driver’s license and all documents will follow in the mail. Even if you do not have a permanent address in the US you can legally use our address for this purpose. When it is time for you to sell the car back to us we can even time it carefully so that we can drive you to the airport at no extra charge!

Or conversely, let’s say you bought a car from another city in the US and Los Angeles is your city of departure. No problem we can help you with that also in the same manner.

We know buying or selling a car in a new country can be very challenging to say the least. It is our goal to make you feel welcome and comfortable. We will gladly share with you reviews and testimonials of very happy customers before you.

In Eric’s situation he originally is from China and bought this 2013 Audi brand new at a new car dealership to use while they were finishing their studies here in Los Angeles. It was time for them to return to China so they carefully searched online for Los Angeles used car dealerships looking for the right place to sell their car. They certainly did not want to attempt to sell their car privately because they did not have the time and were not familiar the local laws and procedure of selling their Audi. They even visited several other “Cash for Cars” places before choosing us and decided to sell their car to us because they felt comfortable because we took our time to explain to them the true value of their car and most importantly, beat everyone else’s price. We even provided complimentary transportation for them back to Glendale.

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Dennis: So Eric, tell us about this car you’re selling today.

Eric: We have a 2013 Audi A5 in great condition and no accidents clean title, as beautiful as you see it and the only reason we are selling it because we are moving out of the country and have to get rid of it although we really don’t want to so it’s beauty right there.

Dennis: OK, so presumably you had the car here when you were were working or going to school here?

Eric: Yeah I graduated and now we are waiting for my girlfriend to graduate then we are on our way back to China. We looked around at a lot of dealerships and tried to get the best price out of the car’s value. So we came to Dennis, Dennis is a great guy and he offered me the best price I could find in the market. I think it is a very fair price and no hassle for us. So he took care of everything.

Dennis: So you took the route of selling to a dealer rather than the hassle to sell your car privately.

Eric: Yes it’s a lot of trouble if you try to sell your car yourself, it saves you a lot of time and energy so you can just move on after you sell your car and do whatever you have to do especially when you are packing like our case.

Dennis: Does the dog come with the car?

Eric: No man, that dog comes with us. He’s part of us now. Oh, look at him, he’s not being very friendly!

Dennis: He is leaving some feedback!

Eric: Yes, he doesn’t want to be traded in.

Dennis: So Eric, how did you locate Dennis and Dennis Buys Cars.

Eric: It was basically my girlfriend, she did a lot of online research to see what was the best dealership to buy cars and we found you.

Dennis: Do you guys remember what you typed in when you did an online search?

Eric: I think it was just “Auto Sales” or “Cash for Cars” or something like that. And you were on the top of the list, we clicked you and we found you.

Dennis: So what was the best part of your experience here at Dennis Buys Cars?

Eric: I think his honesty, Dennis showed me great honesty and how much my car can go for and every detail regarding car price and fair market value. So this is an honest dealership that we can do business with so we came here.

Dennis: Would you tell your Chinese friends about us?

Eric: Oh yeah, definitely. I will tell them whenever they come to the U.S. and they want to buy a car or sell a car I would definitely recommend that that come here and see what you can do for them.