This is Why We Love Motorcycles

How To Sell Your Bike Safely and Quickly

How many of us yearned and wished, as an adolescent pedaling uphill on a bicycle, that with a single flick of the wrist we could effortlessly speed up that hill? I know I did and I vowed, as I am sure many of you readers did as well, that someday I would have a motorcycle.

My first experience on a gas combustion powered two wheeled vehicle was when I was about twelve on a mini bike. You know, the kind with the fat little tires and lawn mower engine. To this very day I remember speeding through the woods with zero effort required on my part. I was probably only doing 25MPH but it was the most exhilarating thing I had ever done and I was hooked.

“A MOTORCYCLE is a bicycle with a pandemonium attachment, and Is designed for the special use of mechanical geniuses, daredevils and lunatics,” is one of my favorite motorcycle quotes attributed to George Matthew Adams in 1912.

Bikers Are Unique

This quote bespeaks of the uniqueness of not only the motorcycle but to its rider as well. Over the decades motorcycle riders have established themselves as an individual who hears the beat of a different drummer. How many people have felt their phone vibrate when on a ride? Oh well, too bad, I’ll call back later.

Personally, I love all bikes and don’t limit myself to brand loyalty. As a dealer I get to ride and enjoy all types of bikes and ride them daily, year round (one of the advantages of living in Los Angeles). One day it might be an 850lb Harley Davidson and the next day might be a vintage, French 49cc Motobecane Mobylette, with pedals!

As big as the allure motorcycle ownership is to us riders, motorcycles only account for about 12% of the vehicles on the road. This can be a challenge when it comes time to sell your bike and I will explain why.

Why Selling a Motorcycle Privately Can Be a Hassle

First of all, the average guy perusing Craiglist is looking for a Honda. When selling our bike we need to find a like minded individual. Because the market share is so limited that becomes a challenge.

Here is the most glaring difference between selling a motorcycle and selling a car: the TEST DRIVE! It’s easy when selling your car. Of course the prospective is entitled to drive your car before he buys it. It’s easy, you jump in with him and let him drive it. Obviously not so with a motorcycle. Jump on the back of your own motorcycle? Methinks not.

Also, selling your bike is seasonal. You may be moving to another state in November and can’t take your bike with you. It just isn’t feasible to wait until spring to sell it.

You’re s busy person and selling a bike is time consuming. You have to detail it (nobody wants to buy a dirty motorcycle), take pictures, place an ad and hope the phone rings. Even when someone makes an appointment with you and you adjust your busy schedule, half won’t even show up.

Avoid the Risks and Sell Your Motorcycle to a Trusted Dealer

Maybe your bike has been sitting for awhile and the battery is no good or it has other mechanical issues. Or the registration or insurance has expired. These are things that you will need to sort out if you want to sell you bike privately. We will buy your motorcycle.

In addition, selling anything online, not just motorcycles, can be risky. It’s not always a great idea to have strangers coming to your house and knowing where you live. You will need to get paid safely. Remember, cashier’s checks, even legitimate ones, can be stopped the next morning and your bike is long gone.

Furthermore, avoid the risks, time and hassle of selling your motorcycle privately. Dennis Buys Cars and its division Dennis Buys Motorcycles is a brick and mortar establishment that has been in the same location since 2003. We will buy your motorcycle, pay you top dollar in the manner of your choice. Whether it be a company check, cashier’s check or cold, hard, green cash.

Are You Thinking: “Sell My Motorcycle for Cash”?

Also, we buy cars, late model and luxury trucks, classic cars and SUVs too. Keep in mind, there are special concerns if you are a woman selling your car in Los Angeles. We will make the transaction safe and discreet without your cel phone being publicly online as is the cars when you place an ad on Craigslist for example. Call us, we can even help you if you really want to sell your motorcycle, car or truck on your own. Perhaps you inherited a classic car or motorcycle and you need help selling it or determining its value.

We have countless repeat customers, great Yelp reviews and fun videos. This company will get you home in a complimentary Uber.  In some cases if you are not able to get the bike to us we can come to you. Dennis has been buying and selling cool cars, trucks and bikes since he was a teen and has some great stories to tell.

Check out our entire inventory of Classic Cars and Motorcycles for sale. We accept trades and consignments.

In closing, come visit Dennis Buys Cars in Culver City. We are the only dealership in town that deals exclusively in affordable classic cars and trucks as well as motorcycles of all types.

Joe Did an Online Search for “Sell My Motorcycle for Cash”

Dennis Goddard: So Joe, tell us about this bike that you are selling.

Joe: Man, this is my 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 and it’s kind of hard to part ways but it’s time to let it go.

Dennis: It looks pretty clean, what year is it?

Joe: 2002 Vulcan 500

Dennis: Awesome!! So, why are you selling it? What happened?

Joe: I’m moving, I’m getting out of LA, I’m escaping LA and I need to sell my motorcycle for cash.

Dennis: Where are you going?

Joe: I’m going to either Colorado or Alaska, I don’t know yet.

Dennis: Didn’t they close Colorado?

Joe: Closed? I hope not, but yes I’m getting out of LA and selling my bike.

Dennis: Why did you decide to sell your bike to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Joe Didn’t Want to Deal with Strangers from Craigslist

Joe: I figured that it was easier. Just get it out of the way rather than put on Craigslist or something. I don’t have to deal with people who is going to take my bike. So I figured this would be the best option to sell my motorcycle for cash.

Dennis: Exactly! How did you find us?

Joe: Google, the wonderful Google. Did an online search for sell my motorcycle for cash.

Dennis: The famous Google, and what was it that you typed in?

Joe: I think I just typed in, sell my motorcycle for cash.

Dennis: Sell my motorcycle for cash?

Joe: Yes, sell my motorcycle for cash and Dennis Buys Motorcycles popped up.

Dennis: Hey Joe, thank you very much, we appreciated and good luck in Colorado.

Sell My Motorcycle for Cash