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Kenya Tells It Like It Is At DennisBuysCars.com

dennisbuyscars | September 17, 2010

DENNIS: Kenya, tell us about your car buying experience here at DennisBuysCars.com?

KENYA: The best car buying experience I ever had. They helped me, they hooked me up. The best car I could ever find for a low price and they're just the best.

DENNIS: Tell us about the car you bought today?

KENYA: Well, I bought a 2002 Lexus ES300 and I got it for the great price of $11,000 and I don't think I could find it anywhere. The amount was so low and I couldn't believe I got it for that price.

DENNIS: Is this your trade in right here?

KENYA: Yes, this is my son and he loves it too.

DENNIS: How did you hear about us?

KENYA: I went to Autotrader.com and put in the price of what I wanted and the model that I want and Dennis came up.

DENNIS: Would you tell your friends about us?

KENYA: Oh yeah, I am going to tell everyone so he will be hearing from me very soon.

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