Sell My Classic Porsche 911 964

Sell My Classic Porsche 911 964

Nick Sells a Rare Porsche 911 964

Dennis: Nick, tell us about this Classic Porsche 911 964 that you are selling today?

Nick: It’s a 1989 Porsche 911 964, Carrera 4, is the first 250 that was shipped in for Los Angeles car show in 1989 at the car show. They shipped 250, all red and this is number 87, it has the number on the windshield 87.

Dennis: Oh OK, so it was only 250 shipped?

Nick: 250 all red, yes. And it has a special steering wheel that they never equipped in any 911.

Dennis: So, this car is a Classic Porsche 911 964 and in what year did you buy it?

Nick: I bought it in early 1990, after the show. Yes, they needed the car for the Los Angeles car show at the end of the year. Actually 1990 but when they shipped 1989 it has to be 1989.

One of the First 250 Classic Porsche 911 964 Units to Enter the U.S.

Dennis: OK, so you are the only owner of this car.

Nick: Actually at that time, it have a luxury tax, so they had to run it, I hope its legal, to get 2000 miles on it to be a demo, to use as a demo, but I leased on my name first.

Dennis: So you were the first registered owner?

Nick: Right.

Dennis: OK, great, thank you so much, this is an amazing car and the miles are 60 something thousand right?

Nick: Yes, because I hardly used it. I’m a family guy and this car its only two you know. I drive for pleasure only, I love it so much.

Dennis: It’s beautiful, it looks like its all original, is the paint original?

Nick: Of course paint original, kept in the garage all these years.

Dennis: So Nick, why did you decide to sell Classic Porsche 911 964 to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Nick Wanted to Sell to a Reputable Dealer

Nick: No because I heard about Dennis and Dennis Buys Cars before and a lot of people recommend, they say, oh you know there is no hassle, he will take care of you and its true. Private, you know, to sell it privately is a lot of hassle. People come in want to test drive and then ask this, then ask that and walk away. You can’t never trust, they come to your house and you don’t know what can happen.

Dennis: So Nick, how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Nick: I heard you on the radio before but then my son was doing the internet search and you come up all five star so you have to test this guy you know. You cant fake this, you purchase cars from people and you can’t just do this yourself. I’ll give you five stars too.

Dennis: Thank you, thank you, we’ll give you five stars too!

Nick: Thank you

Dennis: Anyway, Nick thank you so much, I really appreciate you finding us and selling us your beautiful car

Nick: No I appreciate it, you gave me trouble free, no hassle.

Who Doesn’t Love Air Cooled Porsches?

Fewer cars have captured the hearts and minds of automotive enthusiasts more than air cooled 911 series Porsches. Nothing compares the sound and feel of these amazing machines. As is the case with most collectibles, the price levels of these cars are driven by supply and demand. Quite simply, they don’t make ’em anymore!

Demand for these cars is increasing almost exponentially in recent years with no end in sight. Here at Dennis Buys cars we specialize in all Porsches and would like to buy yours if it becomes available. We understand the intricacies of these cars, their value and the discriminating nature of their owners.

Furthermore we understand the possible risks and pitfalls of selling any classic car privately let alone your Classic Porsche 911 964 or any other air cooled Porsche. For example; payment. When you are selling a car that is reaching or exceeding six figures, payment must be handled with the utmost in professionalism. You must be 100% comfortable or no deal.

Get Paid Safely

We pay in good funds, whether it be wire transfer, a counter transfer or even cash in special circumstances before you hand over your title. We will make the process safe, easy and quick. We are a licensed and bonded California dealer in the same location for twenty years with a solid reputation.

Also, there is the liability issue. As an adjunct to California DMV. we will release your liability on the spot. Your title will not be floating around from one person to another or even one country to another. 

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