Do You Have a Classic Car to Sell?

Everybody Loves Mustangs!

The first Mustang was auto exec Lee Iacocca’s baby and he wanted to have the first unveiling  of his creation at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Never before had the Ford Motor Corporation put a new car into production without board approval. Henry Ford II agreed but told Iaccoca that if the car failed that he was fired!

As a result of the coordination of having cars in in showrooms simultaneously, the first day of the fair 22,000 units were sold and the rest is history! I was there with my family at age 11! The new “Pony” car captured America’s heart and became one of Ford’s best sellers to this day. Other car manufactures took notice and were soon to follow with imitators, notably the Chevy Camaro which debuted in 1967.

Do You Have a Classic Car to Sell?

Above all, first question you have to ask yourself is do you want to sell it privately or sell to a dealer. Your car may have considerable value and you want to make sure you do the right thing for yourself. There is much to discuss regarding advantages and disadvantages. Let’s break it down:

Getting Paid Safely

In addition, we will pay you in whatever manner thatvmakes you comfortable: Company check, cashier’s check or even green cash. Don’t accept a cashier’s check from a private individual because cashier’s checks can be stopped. You won’t even be aware of it until weeks later when your bank deducts the amount of the check from your account and your car is long gone.

Your Car Might Have Mechanical Issues

Furthermore, let’s face it. Old cars are not perfect and your classic car to sell might have that one nagging issue that you never got too. Or maybe it has been sitting for awhile and won’t even start. Avoid the hassle of selling it privately and having a disgruntled buyer pester you. We will buy your classic car strictly “as-is” and we will deal with whatever problems it has.

The Dreaded Test Drive

This is a good one. Nobody wants to have a complete stranger driving their car, let alone your prized classic. Don’t run the risk of somebody driving your baby like a maniac with you having to “white knuckle” it in the passenger seat.

The Privacy Factor

For instance, when you have a classic car to sell and you sell it to Dennis Buys Cars there is no need to have strangers coming to your house and knowing where you live. We offer a safe, well known brick and mortar location to sell your car.

Your Time is Valuable

As a result, selling a classic car privately can be extremely time consuming. You have to detail it, take pictures, write ad copy for the listing and deal with people calling you interrupting your day. Then half the time people don’t even show up for appointments and don’t even have the courtesy to call or pick up their phone.

The Legal Stuff

In conclusion, we are are a licensed and bonded California dealer and have been at the same location since 2003. We will release your liability on the spot resulting in peace of mind knowing that nothing can back to bite you. Many times in the State of California buyers don’t necessary register the car in their own name in a timely manner. This way you may be liable for parking tickets and moving violations. Check out our videos our reviews.

We Are Also a Full Service Car Dealership

We also buy and sell all types of vehicles including late model luxury, SUV’s, vans, trucks and my favorite; motorcycles! Checkout our current inventory for sale.

Dennis Goddard: Bob, tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Bob: This is a 1966 Mustang that I had for about 10 or 12 years, I had the engine rebuilt, transmission rebuilt in 2014. Got my use out of it, got a little fun out of it, just looking to pass it on to the next owner to have fun.

Dennis: Great, so what do we have? We have a, its a what 66?

Bob: Yes, its a 1966 289, automatic, with style steel wheels that I actually put on. Yes, just a coupe kind of a basic Mustang fun to drive.

We Buy All Classic Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

Dennis: So, this car has power…

Bob: Power steering

Dennis: Power steering and power brakes

Bob: Yes

Dennis: Nice, thats a nice addition to a 60’s car.

Bob: Absolutely

Dennis: So, you bought it from…we’re talking earlier…

Bob: I bought it from the original owner, who kept pretty much stored indoors in the same family for years. That’s one of the reasons why I bought it and I got a pretty good deal on it. I was always planning to put some extra work in and time into it and that’s what I did it. Now I have this Classic Car to Sell.

We Are LA’s Top Buyer of Classic Cars

Dennis: It appears to have a California history, so we see this are the original black plates I see.

Bob: I think one of them has the original frame of the dealership on it. I think they bought it in Long Beach California originally and I wanted to keep that on there and also the black license plates just to keep everything original.

Dennis: So, why are you selling it? What happened?

Bob: Like I said, I just bought a new car and this car has been taking up the garage with a cover on it. I decided that with my new car I’m gonna put that on the garage and I have to have someplace for this to go. Like I said I got more than my money its worth out of it, complete joy.

We Save You The Hassle Of Doing It Yourself

Dennis: Its a great color, what do they call this color?

Bob: This is called Tahoe Turquoise, Its been repainted, but its pretty close. Very close to the original from what I can tell.

Dennis: Really quite nice.

Bob: Yes

Dennis: Why did you decide to sell your classic car to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Bob: Really I didn’t want to go through the hassle of having people drive, also the paper work. Again, I looked up online and saw Dennis, he looked like a reasonable guy, I called you and I came here today and you treated me nice.

We Make it Quick, Safe and Easy!

Dennis: Great, Im glad you found us. So, you mentioned you had Classic Car to Sell and found us online. You did a search on Google obviously and do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did the search?

Bob: I think I did, classic cars to buy or classic cars to sell, I forget exactly which one I put in but you were near the top. I looked at other ones too of course.

Dennis: So, Classic Car to Sell? What made you choose Dennis Buys Cars?

Bob: I think I saw one of your videos and it look like a…you didn’t look like a guy that was gonna mess with me and give me a fair deal. I could of been completely wrong but I wasn’t, so it worked out good.

Call Us Now if You Have a Classic Car to Sell!

Dennis: Alright! Now you gonna be on one of those Classic Car to Sell videos.

Bob: God help me

Dennis: Thank you very much, we really appreciate you.

Bob: Thank you.