Car Won’t Pass Smog? Call Dennis Buys Cars

Did your car fail a smog test and you don’t want the hassle or expense of fixing it? Call Dennis Buys Cars at 310-253-9977 and we will buy it. Beginning in January of 2013, tough new smog laws were initiated that affect all California owners of older cars. Cars that are older than 1996 must now go to a Star Station. Cars that are 1997 and newer can also be randomly required for a Star Station and you will be notified of this on your registration renewal. Smog repairs can be costly and most older cars just don’t warrant the expense. We will be buy it, either repair it and sell it or dispose of it to a salvage yard that we work with and get it out of your hair. But, either way and most importantly, we will release you of all liability on the spot and handle all DMV paper work.