David in Los Angeles sells his BMW to DennisBuysCars.com

DENNIS: So David, tell us about your car selling experience here at DennisBuysCars.com?
DAVID: Well, I came down, got it done in about 16 minutes, got the price I was looking for and everything is great, no hassles, no fuss and it’s over.
DENNIS: Tell us about the car you sold today, a little bit about it and why you sold it.
DAVID: Sure, I’ve had the car for almost ten years, beat it up a fair amount, had my fun with it and it’s time to move along. I just got another car, a 2005 Subaru WRX and I’m lovin’ that car. I needed to get rid of this one, didn’t feel comfortable doing it on Craigslist. I found Dennis online, loved his reviews and here I am doing the same thing just like they did.
DENNIS: Great, we appreciate it. Would you tell your friends about us?
DAVID: I sure would certainly and forward an email or a text about how this is the place to be, the place to get rid of your car in Los Angeles.

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