How Amber Sold Her 2005 Toyota Solara SE

There are several ways to sell your car. You can sell it to a dealer which is the quickest, safest and easiest method. Or, you can sell it privately which has the reward of perhaps getting slightly more for it but there are some elements of risk.
Amber needed to sell her 2005 Toyota Solara SE and had two issues; she needed quick cash so she could move plus she owed money on her car which made it a little more difficult to sell her car privately. She needed a reliable dealer who could assess the value of the car, arrange the payoff, do the DMV paperwork and handle everything in one visit so she could walk out with some cash on the spot.
“I really needed extra money and this is the place to come. I was given the best offer out there for my car. I was able to pay off my loan and now I have financial freedom,” she said.
“I typed in ‘sell your car in Los Angeles’ and found Dennis Buys Cars online. I was actually able to meet Dennis, talk to Dennis and it was so quick and easy, it was great,” Amber said.
We even drove Amber to the airport!