We Buy Cars with Mechanical Problems

Sometimes your car will break down and you just don’t want to keep throwing good money after bad. All cars have mechanical problems eventually but when that $800 or $1,000 repair bill is staring you in the face it can get overwhelming. What should you do? Fix it? Or sell the car? In many cases that one last expense can make you throw your hands up and decide to get rid of the car.

In many cases the last straw is when you receive a renewal notice for your registration and they tell you that a smog certificate is required and it must accompany the renewal and your renewal check. You go down to the smog station and bam! it won’t pass smog. Now they tell you that your “CHECK ENGINE” light is on and it will be over $1,000 to get it fixed.

Now you have two dilemmas. First one of course is the expense to fix it. The second is that California law states that you cannot sell the car privately without a current and valid California smog certificate.

Now you have a choice; you can go through this large expense to repair this car that might be on its last legs anyway or you can sell the car to a reputable used car dealer and have it out of your hair.

The second choice is where Dennis Buys Cars enters the picture. You can quickly and legally sell your non smog passing car to a dealer. And, more importantly we will release your liability on the spot so that nothing regarding the sale of this car can come back to haunt you.

In Lidia’s situation she had the catalytic converter stolen not once but twice. This is a very traumatic thing to happen because you are unaware of the problem until you go to start your car. The catalytic converter is located between the exhaust pipe leaving the engine and your muffler system so when a car is started with no catalytic converter it sounds like an explosion which can be terrifying.

Catalytic converter theft is a major problem currently and because of the large expense to replace them it is a convincing experience to prompt car owners to sell their car.

So if your car won’t pass smog and you don’t want to go throughout the hassle and expense of repairing, we will buy it. If it has other mechanical issues like brakes, electrical problems or if it just isn’t running right and you don’t want to deal with it, we will buy it.

We have the friendly know how to fairly evaluate your car and make you the highest offer possible just like Lidia. We will be sure to take our time and treat you right.

Also, we sell cars too so we just might have something you like to replace that clunker!

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Dennis: So Lidia, tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Lidia: It’s a 2003 Honda Element, it has 83,000 on it. It has been a great companion, a friend. It has taken me here and there and back. I really don’t want to sell it but people don’t know how to respect one another’s property.

Dennis: That leads me to the next question. I understand this car has a unique story behind it. What happened to this car to make you sell this car to a dealer?

Lidia: Actually this is the second time someone stole my catalytic converter. And once somebody does that to you, you feel violated. So a friend recommended me to Dennis and he gave me the best possible price I could get and I’m very happy.

Dennis: What was the best part of your experience here today with Dennis Buys cars?

Lidia: Dennis was good and fair with me. Dennis was good, very honest and upfront and took good care of me.