Who Buys Used Cars?

This one’s easy. Dennis Buys Cars does! For twelve years now, Dennis Buys Cars has done exactly that; we buy used trucks, motorcycles and all types of Classic Cars and motorcycles as well. Plus, we pay the highest prices around and 99% of the time we beat all written offers including CARMAX. Just bring us a valid and current CARMAX quote and we will beat it! Also, we pay you on the spot in cash. CARMAX will give you a draft to deposit and it is not good for ten days.


The most important thing is that we will treat you right and give you all the information you need to make a proper descision. It is important that you sell your car to someone you know and trust. Everytime we buy or sell a car we make a new friend and that is why we have so many repeat customers over the years. We know that selling a car on your own can not only be a pain in the butt but risky too. Earlier this year a man young was killed trying to sell his Nissan on Craiglist plus there are scammers that try to collect your personal information. Liability is also a big issue because a private buyer will not always complete his registration quickly which can result in traffic violations being sent to you.

Being paid safely by a stranger is always dicey too because cashier’s checks can be fake or stopped leaving you holding the bag when your car is long gone. Also, nobody likes counting out cash in a parking lot somehwere.

Plus selling your car privately is time consuming requiring taking pictures, writing a compelling ad and fielding phone calls from idiots who make appointments cluttering up your busy schedule and never even show up.

We will release your liability on the spot so no tickets or traffic violations can come back to haunt you.

This is why we try to make it as safe and hassle free as possible. Selling your car for cash to Dennis Buys Cars is easy. Don’t even worry about cleaning it. Just bring it here with your title and ID, we will do a quick look over of your car, pay you in whatever manner you want to be paid and have you on your way in twenty minutes or less. We will even drive you home!

We have thousands of satisfied customers and great reviews. Check out our fun videos of people just like you who have sold their car to us.

We are always looking for cars, trucks and motorcycles. We love classic cars too, so if you have a Classic Car, Truck or Motorcyle you want to sell, call us and we will pay the top price.

Even if you have a classic car that is out of state that is not a problem. We love old Chevys, Fords and Chrysler products. Maybe you inherited and old car or truck that you need to sell. We will buy it! Through pictures and conversation we can make you an offer and the driver will have payment when he picks up your car.

If you don’t have a title, that’s ok just bring your registration. If it won’t pass smog we can still buy it. If it is not paid off bring your lenders information and we can still make a deal. Plus, we will get you home for free using our brand new, shiny Uber account!

We also have great cars and trucks for sale so take a look at our inventory and see if there is something you like!

Dennis Goddard: So we have here the handsome Murillo from Brazil! So Murillo, tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Murillo: I’m selling a Chevrolet Sonic 2013 and it’s a good one.

Dennis: Alright, Awesome, Great! OK now why you are selling it?

Murillo: I’m selling it because I am moving to Boston, so I don’t want to drive all the way to the east coast.

Dennis: Ok and how did you find Dennis at Dennisbuyscars.com?

Murillo: I found it on internet and I was searching for used cars and who buys used cars and found it.

Dennis: So you typed who buys used cars?

Murillo: Yes

Dennis: Ok great, now Murillo tells us why you chose to sell to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Murillo: Because of the facility and it was easier to sell to a dealer and they have good deals.

Dennis: Ok Murillo, now tells us what was the best part of today’s transaction?
Murillo: Oh yes, this is the best part!

Dennis: Show us the money! Thank you for coming in!