1965 Ford Mustang Buying Story

Usually my cars come in through www.dennisbuyscars.com but on this day it was a little different.

I was riding my bike one morning down Reseda Blvd. and as usual I had my eye out for cars to buy. I saw a nice looking ’65 Mustang parked in front of a Mexican restaurant with a “For Sale” sign on it.

Upon closer examination it was actually very nice. The color was called Springtime Yellow. The paint was in great shape and the black interior looked almost new. Most importantly, it was completely original and had not been modified or customized in any respect. This is exactly what I look for when I buy an old Mustang.

I called the number. “Hey buddy, how much do you want for that Mustang?” I asked. The owner just happened to be coming out of the front door the moment I called.

He explained to me that he was relocating his family back to Mexico and to take this car that he loved, cared for and had for over twenty years was just not feasable.

I asked him how it ran, he told me it ran great and asked me if I wanted to drive it. He handed me the keys and I handed him my bike to hold which in retrospect is fairly comical. The car really did run very well and had been obviously well maintained by him over the years. I knew right then that I wanted this car.

When I got back we struck an agreement over price. I had the cash in my back pocket and he actually had the title with him. I threw the bike in the trunk and drove home in my new Mustang!