Luis and Judy Sold Their Escalade to

DENNIS: Could you tell us your car selling experience here at
LUIS: It was basically quick and easy, reasonable, no headaches, didn’t make my hair grow out. Good deal, good people. You can definitely come to an agreement with them, they are not hard people to deal with.
JUDY: It was definitely a good experience.
LUIS: It was a pleasure doing business with them:
DENNIS: Tell us about the car you sold today, why you sold it and what your plans are?
LUIS: I sold a Cadillac Escalade, it was an ’07. I sold it because it had 26” rims on it. It was large driving around with four large people inside, all the time,  so it was gas consuming and I’m trying to get a Beemer 745, something different, so that’s the reason why I sold it.
DENNIS: Judy, how did you hear about us?
JUDY: I actually searched you guys on the net.  I typed in: “Cars for sale by owner’
Dennis: Would you tell your friends about us?
LUIS and JUDY: Yes definitely.

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