Add categories and tags to your posts + YOU TUBE instuctions

When you do a new post or edit existing posts, look in the lower right and you’ll see a place to choose “categories” and “tags”.

I’ll give you a jumpstart with a couple basic categories and a couple basic tags. whenever you post, choose a category(ies) and tag(s). you can always add more.

those are indexed by Google along with your posts, so use keywords.

dont use more than a few categories for any one post. (one category should be fine for most although “sell my car” and “cash for cars” is a good combo)

i recommend you go edit older posts and add category and keywords (Google points). when you are done with this, go to posts and “trash” this post.

the way YouTube is set up, just put the url in the post where you want he video to appear.

THE BIG DIFF – put a “v” after http: like this httpv://

see kenecka for an example (tab to html)


webmaster dude