Sell My Car in Los Angeles

Selling Your Car to Dennis is Easy!

Yeah, I know selling your car is a pain in the butt! But sometimes you have no choice and ‘ya just gotta do it.

So, here are your choices: sell it privately or sell it to a dealer. Let’s examine both.

Yes, you can earn maybe 10% more if you sell your car privately but it will take some time, effort and even some risk on your part. First you have to make sure your car is fit for sale. California law states that when selling your car privately you will have to get a California smog certificate and supply it with the title to the new owner. If your “Check Engine” light is on it will not pass smog and you will have to fix whatever the problem is which can be costly.

Next is title and registration. You will need a valid title and current registration with no fees due to sign over to the next person. If you still owe money on your car you will have to pay it off in cash and wait for the title which could take a couple of weeks.

Your car will need to be clean and in proper running order for you to sell it. Nobody wants to buy a car that is dirty, has a weird engine noise or a clunk every time to go over a bump.

You will need to protect your liability. California is the only state where you hand your title over to the next guy and trust him to transfer your car to his name in a timely manner. Many times the new owner will drive around in your name, get tickets and they will come back to you. The “Release of Liability” tear off on your title takes about six months to be recognized by DMV.

Next you will need to take pictures of it, place an ad online and have your schedule interrupted by callers and people who make appointments to se your car and not even show up.

You will need to be paid safely. You cannot accept a check or cashier’s check of any kind. Obviously a personal check could bounce, but any cashier’s check can be fake or stopped by the issuer the next morning. You won’t find out for two weeks and your car will be long gone. So the only way you can be paid is with old fashioned green cash. It is never a good idea to let any stranger know where you live so pick a safe place like a police station parking lot to count out the cash.

If you really want to go thorough all this click here and we guide you throughout the process step by step. If you are a woman selling her car, there are special precautions to take.

If you are thinking, “I need to Sell My Car in Los Angeles”, your next option would be to sell it to a dealer, preferably Dennis Buys Cars!  We will take your car if it is needs work or if the “Check Engine” light is on. If you can’t find the title, you still owe money on the car or if the registration is expired, that’s OK, we will buy it.

We have been at the same location since 2003. We will greet you with a smile and treat you right. We will beat all written offers including CARMAX. Check out our reviews on Yelp and fun testimonial videos from people just like you who have sold us their cars.

We buy late model cars, trucks and motorcycles. We also buy Classic Cars and Trucks. We specialize in estates and appraisals of old cars so if you or a family member have inherited an old car, vintage car or classic car we can help. Check our Classic Cars for Sale.

If you are thinking “Sell My Car in Los Angeles”, we are the place!

I Needed to Sell My Car in Los Angeles

Dennis Goddard: So Heidi tell us about this car that your selling today.

Heidi: I’m selling a 2004 Honda Accord LX it’s a V6 3.0 Liter all leather! She’s my baby!!

Dennis: Nice Nice…So Why are you selling your baby?

Heidi: I am going to be leaving the country working on a private yacht for some time and it doesn’t make sense to store it so I need to Sell My Car in Los Angeles.

Alex: Wow nice so that’s cool so what are you going to be doing on the yacht?

Heidi: I am a chef.

Dennis: Nice nice! so can you come over and cook us dinner later?

Heidi: Uh for the right price!

Dennis: Ha ok great! So Heidi why did you decide to Sell My Car in Los Angeles to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Heidi: Because there was no hassle whatsoever for me, I could type in Sell My Car in Los Angeles, drive in here and literally walk out, or Uber out with cash in hand it took about 15 minutes. It was really hassle free.

Dennis: But we told you we would gladly give you an Uber ride home and you told me what?

Heidi: I’m wearing my running shoes!

Dennis: Right! So I’m saving money on Uber. So Heidi tell us how did you find Dennis at Dennis buys cars?

Heidi: I found you online through Google search for Sell My Car in Los Angeles.

Dennis: Ok so you did an online search, now do you remember what it was that you typed in?

Heidi: Yes, Sell My Car in Los Angeles.

Dennis: Sell My Car in Los Angeles, well it worked and it got you here.

Heidi: YES!

Dennis: Well Heidi thank you very much and good luck on the boat! And now that you sold your car when you get back on land and you need another car come and see us!

Heidi: I’ll be back to find her.

Dennis: OK I’ll see if I can hold it for you.. ok thanks!

Heidi: Thank you!


Sell My Car in Los Angeles