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Inherit a Classic Car?

Hi, this is Dennis Goddard of Dennis Buys Classic Cars. The subject today is: What do you do if you have inherited a classic car? A lot of times what happens is that a grandfather or an uncle or and elderly member of your family passes away and leaves you a classic car, truck or motorcycle. What do you do? That’s where Dennis Buys Classic Cars comes in. We have extensive knowledge of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles from all eras. We can help you with the process and we will make it hassle free.

We are specialists in this and as a matter of fact I was looking out at my lot this morning and I realized that the majority of cars in our inventory came in exactly like that.

To give you an idea, someone has passed away and the surviving family member types in “sell my classic car“, “classic car value”, “I inherited a classic car”, “who buys classic cars” or something of that manner.

So let’s take a look around and I will give you some examples:

Here is a 1976 Bricklin, a very interesting car with gullwing doors. I bought this from a gentleman whose aunt passed away and left him this car. It only has twenty one thousand miles on it.

Moving along we have this fabulous 1957 Ford Thunderbird. I bought it from the son whose father bought this car the day he was born in 1957.

Again, a family member passed away and the son inherited the car. Sometimes this person who inherited the car doesn’t have the passion for the car that the parent had. They need to dispose of it so they found us here at Dennis Buys Classic Cars.

Here’s another one, it’s a 1962 Jaguar MK2. Actually it’s a very rare car. It’s the case of an elderly woman, she bought it brand new in 1962. It sat in a garage for thirty years, the son inherited it. He typed in “sell my classic car” and it came to us in the same manner.

Now we have a 1966 Dodge Charger. It was the grandfather’s car. We have since repainted it and restored it. It had sat for a period of time and fell into some disrepair and the family that inherited it was moving so they need to sell their classic car.

Dennis Buys Classic Cars to the Rescue

This is a situation where we can help you. If you inherited a classic car we will help guide you through the process. Just get ahold of Dennis Goddard at Dennis Buys Classic Cars. We can determine what the car is exactly and evaluate it’s worth with a free appraisal.

In addition, it is far better to have an authorized, licensed and bonded California dealer assist you with this. We will pay you safely and make sure all liability is released¬†on the spot. Trust me, you don’t want to have the title of your grandfather’s old Caddy floating around from hand to hand.

Plus it is difficult to deal with unpredictable strangers coming to your door and the potential risks . We keep our appointments and will buy the vehicle strictly “As-Is” so once the deal is done, it’s done.

Dennis Buys Cars and its division Dennis Buys Cars has been on the same corner since 2003. We have great and thousands of satisfied customers.

We will come out and take a look, make you a cash offer on the spot and tow it away. It’s that easy!