We Will Buy Motorcycles

We Buy Motorcycles!!

You name it, Dennis will buy it!! We buy Classic Cars, we buy late model cars, trucks and SUVs. But what do we love most? We love to BUY MOTORCYCLES!!

Selling your motorcycle privately can be a pain in the you know what! First off you don’t want to deal with idiots calling you and making lowball offers. Furthermore, nobody likes strangers coming to you house and knowing where you live.

And think about it, do you want a total stranger jumping on your bike for a test drive? It’s not like a car where you can go along. Next, you the payment issue. It is not safe to accept a check of ANY kind. Even legitimate cashier’s checks can be stopped the next morning and your bike will be long gone.

Therefore: Avoid the risks of dealing with the unpredictable public. We are the experts and we know bikes, of all kinds. Cruisers, sport bikes, dirt bikes, classic motorcycles, we will buy them all.

You need a licensed and bonded California Dealer who will buy motorcycles. We will make it easy and quick. Ride your bike here, we make you cash offer and Uber you home. It’s that simple.

Another fact is that Dennis Buys Cars has been in the same location since 2003 and now has two subdivisions: Dennis Buys Classic Cars and most recently Dennis Buys Motorcycles.

In addition to motorcycles we will buy all late model and luxury cars, SUV’s and trucks. Also, we love the classics! We buy classic cars, trucks and motorcycles from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s all the way to the early seventies.

Furthermore, we now have our complete inventory combining all of our vehicles that you can see with just one click.

Mario Found Dennis Buys Motorcycles on Yelp

Dennis Goddard: So Mario, tell us about this bike you’re selling today.

Mario: It’s a 2015 Harley-Davidson Street Bob. It has 600 miles on the bike, never really road the bike, custom shocks half an inch lower, bullet headlight,  crusher exhaust. reel around pipes.

Dennis: Wait what kind of exhaust is that?

Mario: Crusher x-pipes

Mario: Custom seat, bare bones seat.

Dennis: So its a solo seat?

Mario: Solo seat, no scratches, no dents.

Dennis: So uh what happened? Why did you decide to sell it?

Mario: I’d never really ridden a bike before and have kids, work, don’t really use the bike that much. It’s kinda sad that i see this machine just sitting in the garage.

Dennis: So you bought it brand new?

Mario: Brand new. Paid it off in 2 years. It’s a pretty clean bike.

Dennis: And it’s got 595 miles on it?

Mario: 595. So it needs its first oil change.

Dennis:Thank you, thank you for reminding me we will do that.

Dennis: So Mario why did you decide to sell your bike to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Mario: I didn’t really want to go through the hustle of dealing with different buyers and you know not having experience. and then i looked up Dennis Goddard on yelp. Read your guys reviews, really good reviews. The whole Yelp. Came by, within a few minutes, made a deal and here we are.

Dennis: So you did an online search?

Mario: I did, online search.

Dennis: And do you remember what it was that you typed in Mario when you did the search?

Mario: I did, I typed in dealers that will buy motorcycles. As a result, several dealers came up, along with your dealer. Yelped it , pretty good reviews on yelp.

Dennis: So you liked our Yelp Reviews?

Mario: Consequently, that’s the only reason why i came here.

Dennis: So you typed in “dealers that will buy motorcycles.”

Mario: Thats correct yes.

Dennis: Well I’m glad it led you to us.

Mario: As a result, I’m glad I’m here

Dennis: Finally, what was the best of part of the transaction today?

Mario: Really easy, and within 15 minutes we were able to make a deal.

Dennis: Thank you! We really appreciate it.

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