How Does Dennis Buys Cars Determine What Your Car is Worth?

When a car comes in to Dennis Buys Cars for an evaluation there are several steps we take so that we can determine what we can pay for your car. The first thing we do is a careful “book out” using our dealer version of Kelley Blue Book. We enter year, make, model, mileage and all options. This will give us the KBB dealer “wholesale” price which is similar to the “Trade-In Value” option on the KBB website. We do not use KBB “Private Party” figures because they are generally retail prices and are close to what we would ask for your car after we safety check, recondition and prepare your car for resale to the general public.
Next we walk around the car and take inventory of its condition. We check for paint imperfections, scratches, dents, previously repaired damage and condition of the interior. We start it, check for “Check Engine” light, listen to the engine, check the AC and put the car in Drive and Reverse to listen for anything unusual. We check under the hood and look at the oil, remove and look under the oil cap, check for coolant or oil leaks or any evidence of a previous accident. We then drive it, check for any unusual sounds in the engine, transmission or suspension.
The next step is we check to see what your car is selling at the dealer auction network of which we are a member. This gives us an idea of what we could get for your car if we were to sell it the next morning at auction.
We then do a DMV background check on your car to see there are any back fees due which would of course affect what we could pay for your car. In some cases we may run a CARFAX to see if there are any past accidents or odometer issues reported and we examine your title.
We then make you an offer for your car and pay you on the spot in any manner you wish; cash, check, cashier’s check, etc. and even drive you home if you want!