Time to Sell Car Los Angeles?

The advantage of coming to a dealer to sell your used car is just being able to get rid of it instantly. Let’s face it we are all very busy and selling a car on your own takes time and effort.

First you have to clean it, nobody wants to buy a dirty car with a fossilized french fry stuck between the front seats! This is not a big deal to most but if your car is showing some age a professional detail is in order to make it look its best and that could set you back a couple of hundred bucks.

You need to make sure it is reasonable condition as far as mechanics are concerned. It has to have a fresh battery so it starts properly and no clunks or weird noises when you drive it.

California law states that you must provide a smog certificate no older than 90 days for the new person so you will have to get it smogged. If your “Check Engine” light is on it will not pass smog and you will have to fix whatever the underlying issue is that is causing that light to come on. This can be quite expensive depending on what the problem is.

If money is still owed on your car you will have to calculate your payoff and wait for the title because otherwise nobody can or will buy it.

Next you have to take pictures and write a little story about your car for and place an ad in Craigslist or one of the other sites selling used cars. Then the fun part begins! Dealing with the public can be quite daunting sometimes.

After you have dealt with all the missed appointments, car buying strangers coming to your house and people calling you all hours, assuming that you now sold your car, the issue of getting paid safely has now arrived. Obviously green cash is the only way to go because even to this day people are just not aware that any cashier’s check can be stopped the next morning after your car is long gone.

If you are still reading I think you are getting the idea about selling your car privately. It’s WAY EASIER and SAFER to sell your car to Dennis Buys Cars. We are the friendly professionals with all the answers that will guide you through the process, make it quick, easy and have you on your way in 15 minutes!

We will buy your car in any condition, mechanically or cosmetically. If it has a payoff we will take care of all the paperwork for you. If you lost your title, registration is expired we can still buy it. Won’t pass smog? Not a problem.

We buy late model and luxury cars, trucks, SUVs and we buy motorcycles.

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Quinton Made His Life Easier and Typed in “Sell car Los Angeles”

Dennis Goddard: Quinton tell us about this car that you’re selling today.

Quinton: It is a 2006 Land Rover, Range Rover Sport Super Charge. I have 103,000 miles on it, about. And letting it go since can’t take it anymore.

Dennis: So, why are you selling it?

Quinton: How much it cost and fuel efficiency, and the whole mileage thing. The unreliability with is so.

Dennis: Totally understand. So Quinton, why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer as apposed to selling it yourself privately?

Quinton: Privately there are just too many people you deal with that are flakes and they create too many problems. One minute they offer you something else and you’re like okay great offer then the next minute they are like actually never mind I take that back. It is just too much haggling around.

Dennis: So you found the public to be unpredictable?

Quinton: Yeah, if you have a better car, you tend to find somebody that’s a little more, I guess not so flakey because they know it’s a great offer and they will just give it to you right away. With a car like this that is 10 years old and with the reliability rate it has, you’re just not going to find anybody that’s willing to be like, great deal, let’s finish it.

Dennis: So what do you think, in your mind what is the advantage of coming to a dealer when you want to Sell car Los Angeles?

Quinton: The advantage of coming to a dealer is just being able to get rid of it instantly. Not having to deal all the paper work. Even when you Sell car Los Angeles to somebody publicly, generally months later they’re still issues that you have to resolve.

Dennis: As we where talking earlier, this car still had a slight payoff on it. So walk us through that how did that work?

Quinton: Well that is also easier to as well with you guys. Pay it off instantly with what is it called.

Dennis: 10 day pay off.

Quinton: My apologies, 10 day pay off. With somebody publicly, probably not so willing doing that.

Dennis: And then we pay you the difference and then off you go. And Quinton how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Quinton: I actually just went online. I know this area and I know you guys I just never knew you guys bought cars. I just thought of course any dealer buys cars but I never knew you guys where advertise as that. So I went online looked it up Sell car Los Angeles and you guys where the first one that came up.

Dennis: So you did an online search for sell car Los Angeles?

Quinton: Yeah.

Dennis: Do you remember what it was you typed in when you did the online search for Sell car Los Angeles?

Quinton: I just typed in sell car Los Angeles.

Dennis: Sell car Los Angeles?

Quinton: Yeah, you guys and Venice cash for cars came up. I called them first actually because they are closer to my house but they where kind of bsing as well.

Dennis: Oh wow, really. I’m glad it led you to us and any time you need help in the future or if you want to Sell car Los Angeles please let us know Quinton.

Quinton: Thank you.

Dennis: Thank you

Sell car Los Angeles