One Owner 1969 Pontiac GTO

Bob has owned this 1969 Pontiac GTO since he bought it brand new when he was just eighteen years old. This was quite an accomplishment for such a young man considering that today’s equivalent be be perhaps a Shelby Mustang pushing 100K.

He took very good care of the car and kept all receipts of the repairs that he did during the years he had it. He did have it painted once along the way and he rebuilt the engine when it had about 83K on it. The car now shows 125K and is completely original down to the original upholstery, carpets and crack-free dash. All the numbers match on this car including the engine, transmission, carburetor and intake manifold making this car a true rare find. He had a fender bender about ten years ago and it has been sitting in the storage facility you see here since then. Bob needed some cash so the day has come to finally sell his classic car so he found Dennis Buys Cars online and decided to call.

The GTO was introduced in 1964 and is considered by most as the first true American Muscle Car. It was the first mid-size car that was offered to the public with a big block engine. The idea caught on and the Muscle Car craze and horsepower race began. Remember, it was possible to get a Camaro or a Mustang with a measly six cylinder. Not so with a GTO. Say the word “GTO” and it is forever associated with big honkin’ V8 power!

The car is in the process of a painstaking restoration which will be done by Beverly Hills Body and Paint where Dennis always turns to when a first class job is needed. The car should be ready sometime in June and there will be a video in this blog showing the whole process from beginning to end.

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