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How Does Dennis Do it?

People ask me all the time, “How do you do it? Where do you get all these cool “Classic Cars?”I tell ’em it’s simple. Everything these days is done online. 95% of all my cars come through my website from people who have gone online and did a search for “Classic Cars” or “Sell My Car Los Angeles”.

SEO Web Design by Nicks Webworks- That’s How!

The Internet really has made the world a smaller place. There are people all over Los Angeles and the rest of the country who simply don’t want to go through the hassle of marketing their car on their own.  So they find someone online, do their research of that company with the help of review forums and make a decision.

The trick to making them come to you and making your phone ring is making sure your name is on top of the list of results after they do their search. Sounds easy but it ain’t. There is only one way accomplish this and that is to make sure your website is operating properly with SEO web design and to constantly add appropriate content . The search results from effective SEO Web Design are called “Organic”, meaning FREE. When a prospective customer does a search for the product or service you are selling, your name will pop up. The other alternative is “Pay Per Click” meaning you pay for each click that is delivered to your site. The holy grail and the goal of every business or entrepreneur is the have their website a free wheeling, money making machine solely through Organic searches.

Nick at Nicks Webworks actually made it easy for me by first checking out my website to see what was working and what wasn’t. He explained it to me in layman terms what it would take to wean myself from Google AdWords to Organic and it was actually way cheaper than I thought. Then he rebuilt it using up to date technology to make it more efficient. I noticed the results almost immediately with the the truest test there is; the sound of the phone ringing!

Dennis Talks About Nicks Webworks

Hi everybody this is Dennis Goddard of DennisBuysCars. I want to talk today a little bit about SEO Web Design by Nicks Webworks. Now a couple years ago what I did was I was using “pay per click”. I was using Google ad words. You know that its very expense its very mysterious. You never know what you’re are getting and it’s completely untraceable. So if you even call the people at Google and you say “Hey what are my keywords that are working, what ads are working best, what geographical areas are pulling the best?” Either they can’t tell you or won’t tell you.

Now right about the same time I started using SEO WEB Design by Nicks Webworks “Clean Code Strategy”. What he did was he completely redesigned my website and he made my code such that any traffic came directly to my site instead of my competitors. So as a result I have now eliminated Google ad words and my calls are coming in strictly because of “Organic Search” which is directly as a result of my relationship with SEO Web Design by Nicks Web Works. He has tweaked my website to the point were I am getting calls from all over the world.

Now take a look at this car here. This is a 1960 Thunderbird. This came from Oregon and this is result of somebody who did a search for and typed in “Who Buys Classic Cars?” So therefore this car came to me is just one of many through SEO Web design.  I get classic cars, late models, Toyota’s and Honda’s you name it.

The point is this if you want your phone to ring and I mean this only because it truly, truly has been successful and I am not saying because I am getting paid to say this call Nicks Webworks if you have a website and you want action if you want your phone to ring if you want to make money call SEO Web Design by Nicks Webworks he is the man!  Thanks for listening.

Dennis Buys Cars is a Licensed and Bonded California dealer who specializes in the buying and selling quality late model cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles. We also have a thriving business dealing in buying, selling and restoring Classic CarsClassic Cars, trucks and motorcycles.

We have been in the same location for thirteen years and have built up a solid reputation, great reviews and thousands of happy customers. When it comes time to sell your car avoid the risks and hassle of selling your car on your own and make sure to call Dennis Buys Cars. We will make it fair, quick and easy. Promise!