Highest Price for Used Cars


We pay the Highest Price for Used Cars plus we BEAT CARMAX!

Five ways we are better than CARMAX! Let me count the ways!

Personal Service: When you visit Dennis Buys Cars you are greeted with a smile and treated like a friend. There will not be a line of people in front of you and you won’t be ignored for 45 minutes.

Convenience: We are conveniently located on the West Side close to Culver City, Beverly Hills and the 10 and the 405 Freeways. Don’t worry about getting home if we buy your car. We will hail a nice Uber or Lyft car for you and it’s on us!

Less Hassle: The entire process takes about fifteen minutes. We will evaluate your car, SUV, truck, motorcycle or Classic Car, take a quick test drive and make you a cash offer. We will pay you in green cash on the spot if you like, cashier’s check or company check. CARMAX pays you in a draft which must be deposited into your bank account and you have to wait ten business days for the check to clear

Small Business: We are a privately owned small business that has been in the same location since 2003. We keep our overhead as low as possible so we can pay the highest price for used cars and pass the savings to you.

Price: Oh yeah, almost forgot! Dennis Buys Cars PAYS MORE THAN CARMAX! We pay the highest price for used cars. Bring us their quote or any other written written offer and we will beat it!

Dennis Buys Cars and its division Dennis Buys Classics is a licensed and bonded California dealer who has been at the same location since 2003. We have a solid reputation and thousands of people just like you who have bought and sold cars from us over the years. One thing for sure: we pay the Highest Price for Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and Classic Cars.

Sell your car to us and save yourself the hassle and risks of doing it yourself. We offer a safe haven to sell your car easily, get highest price for Used Cars quickly without having to deal with the public. This is especially important if you are a woman selling your car. We will guide you through the process in a friendly manner.

We have countless testimonials, fun videos to watch and great reviews on Yelp.

Not only do we pay the Highest Price for Used Cars, we sell cars too. Check out our inventory and see if there is something for you.

Jeff went to CARMAX first then came to Dennis Buys Cars

Dennis Goddard: Jeff so tell us about this truck you’re selling today.

Jeff: This is my baby, and I’m sorry to be letting it go.

Dennis: And what do we have here? what’s the year, make, and model?

Jeff: It’s a 1999 F250 7.3 Liter Powerstroke Diesel Pickup.

Dennis: Right, and I understand these things can rack up a lot of miles in and still run like new. How many miles does this one have?

Jeff: This one has 235,000 on it. Runs better than it did when I bought it.

Dennis: Great, now why did you choose to sell your car to a dealer Jeff as opposed to selling it privately?

Jeff: It’s just a lot less hassle and Dennis pays the Highest Price for Used Cars.

Dennis: Right, and I understand before you came to us you went to CarMax and how was the price we paid you how was our price relative to the bid CarMax gave you?

Jeff: It was significantly higher, Dennis pays the highest price for Used Cars and pays more than CARMAX.

Dennis: Fantastic, And Jeff how did you find us? How did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Jeff: I actually bought a car from Dennis a long time ago I bought another baby of mine a ’96 Impala Super sport that I loved until I got rid of that thing and adopted a new baby now I’m giving this one.

Dennis: Oh and how long ago was that?

Jeff: I think I bought it in ’99

Dennis: Wow so we sold a car all those years ago and were still friends!

Jeff: that is true! yes, absolutely!

Dennis: Well Jeff thank you very much for coming back and selling us your truck, we really appreciate it.

Jeff: No problem, Thank you

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