Sell Motorcycle in Los Angeles

This Bike Was $160K When New!

Do you have a motorcycle sitting in the garage gathering dust? Are you moving and can’t take it with you? Just don’t want to ride anymore? OK, it happens to all of us so maybe it’s time to sell your motorcycle.

Dennis Buys Cars and Dennis Buys Classic Cars now is please to announce that we have a division called Dennis Buys Motorcycles. We will buy your used motorcycle and we will make it as quick and as easy as we do for late model cars, trucks, SUVs and Classic Cars.

Selling a motorcycle privately can be tricky. Dealing with the unpredictable public can be difficult, time consuming and even risky. You certainly don’t want a complete stranger jumping on your bike for a test drive.

Also, we will pay you safely in any manner you choose with no waiting period, whether it be cash, cashier’s check or company check.

We make it easy and hassle free. Call us and we will give you a basic idea of what we could pay.  We make an appointment, bring it to us, we will buy it and Uber you home. It’s that simple. In special cases, where the battery is dead, registration is expired or if it has minor problems we will come to you.

We buy and sell all types of bikes, Harleys, sports bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes and even scooters!

We are a licensed and bonded California dealer and have been in the same, convenient West Los Angeles location since 2003 and have thousands of satisfied customers. We have hundreds of fun videos to peruse and great Yelp reviews.

We will buy your late model car. We will buy your Classic Car also. We pay the highest in Los Angeles and we pay in cash.

Check out our Bikes for Sale, our Late Model Vehicles for sale and our Classic Cars for Sale.

Call us now if you want to sell that bike, you’ll be glad you did!

Don Typed in “Sell Motorcycle” to Sell His Confederate Hellcat

Dennis Goddard: So Don, tell us about this bike that you’re selling today?

Don: Okay, this is a 2007 Confederate Hellcat 131. All custom features Beloit motor Beloit transmission, primary, adjustable suspension front and rear, 240 tire in the back, carbine fiber rims, carbine fiber tank. Very, very top of the line bike.

Dennis: Done, tell us the owner history of this bike, when did you buy it, and how long you’ve had it?

Don: I bought this brand-new in 2007. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to ride it as much as I would have liked to.

Dennis: Right.

Don: Which was hardly at all.

Dennis: You where telling me earlier why that is?

Don: Yeah, I hurt my back at work years ago and I’ve never been the same again. So, I haven’t been able to ride the bike.

Dennis: So the bike as a result you where sharing with me earlier that it has very little miles on it. How many miles does it have on it?

Don: Oh, it’s got less than 15 hundred miles.

Dennis: Wow.

Don: It’s brand-new, it’s not even broken in.

Dennis: And Don tell us why you decided to sell your bike to a dealer as appose to selling it privately?

Don: I didn’t want to go through the hassle of interviewing people or having them call me or setting up the email, just getting phone calls. None of that so, I found sell motorcycle on the internet and here we are.

Dennis: So you did a search online for sell motorcycle and found us?

Don: Yeah, Yeah.

Dennis: Don do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did the search?

Don: Sell motorcycle in Los Angeles.

Dennis: Sell motorcycle in Los Angeles?

Don: Yeah, So I just put sell motorcycle in Los Angeles into Google and a bunch popped up and I saw you and I liked yours best so I clicked on yours.

Dennis: Well I’m glad it worked out, and so what was the best part of today’s sell motorcycle transaction?

Don: Getting my check.

Dennis: Well thank you very much Don I really appreciate it.

Don: Thank you Dennis, Thank you.

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