In-House Financing

Is your credit score less than perfect but you have a good job? You are not alone. Here at Dennis Buys Cars we call that “Credit that proves that you are human!” If you have a solid job we can get you into a good, solid used car, truck or SUV even if you have poor credit using “In-House Financing”.

What is In-House Financing?

In-House Financing is synonymous with the term Buy Here Pay Here. It means that the dealership is the bank and you make your payments directly to the dealership every month. This results in the dealer having a little more flexibility than the bank with regards to credit score minimum requirements. Even if the traditional banks say no and you have a low credit score we can finance you with in-house financing if you have good income as well as good residence history. The trade off is a good cash down payment which can be higher than if you had good credit.

Why Use In-House Financing?

If you have a less than perfect credit score or you have an existing car loan than most banks will not approve you for a second car loan. Having had a previous repo or bankruptcy also could preclude you from being approved for a car loan from a conventional bank. These are scenarios where In-House Financing comes in handy.

We know and understand that good people get in a bind once in awhile and we are here to help. Check out our inventory here and see if there is a car for you. Stop into the dealership for a test drive and we’ll crunch some numbers to see if our In-House Financing program works for you. Remember, if you want to pay off your car quicker there is no penalty for early payment. It’s just the opposite you save money if you pay off sooner because you get credit for unused interest.

Also, We Buy Used Cars Too! So if you have a used car, truck or motorcycle that you want to sell, give us a call.

It’s way easier to sell to us rather than going through the hassle of selling it yourself. There are even more considerations if you are a woman selling your car.

We buy Classics. If you have inherited a clasic car or motorcycle and if you need help we are the experts. We will carefully evaluate it using our years of experience and several respected price guides, make you a cash offer and tow it away.

Dennis Goddard: We have Dave here, he has been a customer of ours for a couple years now. Dave tell us about this car.

Dave: I was looking for a Land Rover Discovery and I saw this one, I love these cars it was priced just right and I talked to Dennis and he gave me a great deal on it.

Dennis: Tell us about how in house financing works? We understand that you financed the car with us here at Dennis Buys Cars.

Dave: I did. I had to come in with maybe 20% down or a little less than that. In-house financing  was very easy, he financed me for an year on this thing. Payments were easy, they just take it out of my debit card every month it was very easy.

Dennis: How did the car perform?

Dave: It was great I loved this car it was a great car. I am selling it now because I am making money on it believe it or not I got a good deal. I would keep this car but my 7 year old daughter doesn’t like it its too big for her so I am going to get a different car. But it has run great it was in good condition when I got it and it has run great for the whole year I had it.

Dennis: How did you hear about Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars in the first place?

Dave: I was driving by on Venice I live in the area and I saw the sign for in-house financing and stopped by. I met Dennis it was a real pleasant experience.

Dennis: Okay Dave tell us what are we doing today?

Dave: I just paid off my car I got the title it’s great it was easy I came in with the payoff I got the title in 2 seconds no waiting and Dennis showed me how to fill it out and send it to the DMV and its all done.

Dave: Great so how would you rate your overall experience here at Dennis Buys Cars?

Dave: A plus A++ I had a great experience I would come back here I would recommend anybody here at Dennisbuyscars.

Dennis: Awesome thank you very much we really appreciate it your credit is good with us so next time you want a car all you have to do is come here and point.

Dennis: I have sent a bunch of my friends over too. I send anybody to this lot they have good cars and Dennis is very easy to work with.

Dennis: Thanks a lot we really appreciate it.