Sell My Car With a Little Help From Yelp

When I Sell My Car What’s It Worth?

We use several methods. The first one, and you can actually use this yourself to get a basic idea of your cars value even before you call or visit us, is Kelley Blue Book. When you go to their site make sure you select “Trade In Value”. Carefully list your mileage, options, condition and this will give you a preliminary idea of what your car is worth.

Next we check to see what similar cars as yours have sold for at nationwide dealer auctions such as the Manheim Network. This information can only be accessed by member dealers but these “prices realized” charts accurately reflect up to the minute trends that can positively or adversely affect car values. These trends could be a spike in gas prices which could drive down prices of V8 SUV’s and bolster prices of small economic 4-Cylinder cars. When gas prices fall, Priuses and Hybrids lessen in value for example. The car buying public can be very fickle and change day to day.

Another method that we and you can use also is eBay Motors. If you have an account there is a section called “Completed Listings”. Here you can see what cars actually sold for. There you will quickly learn the vast difference between what some is asking for their car and what they actually get.

We compare all this information to the condition of your actual car. We will go through it carefully to determine any accident history, mechanical needs, clarity of title, etc. We will then make you an offer to buy your car.


You will get in the manner of your choice on the spot! You can paid in cold hard cash for your car if you want. Some people are not comfortable with carrying around cash so we can give you a cashier’s check if you like or company check.


Dennis Buys Cars is a licensed and bonded California dealer #60055 which is owned and operated by Dennis Goddard. Dennis began buying and fixing up classic cars as a teenager and continues that passion until this day. We have been at the same location at 8931 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90034 since August 2003. Dennis Buys Cars is unique because of the eclectic mix and vast variety of cars that can be seen on the lot on any given day. You may see a vintage Rolls Royce parked next to a late model Civic. Or a 1929 Ford Model A next to it’s distant relative, a 1965 Mustang! We specialize in Classic Cars as well as all late model cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.

We have bought and sold thousands of vehicles in that time period, have excellent reviews and countless return buyers and sellers of cars. Some even take the time to give us a fun video! Probably what sets us apart from other used car dealers is our casual attitude and the way we treat our customers. There is no pressure here when you come here to sell your car and we try to make everyone feel as welcome as possible.


We pay the highest prices in Los Angeles for your used car, truck or motorcycle. 99% of the time we will meet or beat all written offers. This is especially important regarding CARMAX. They will pay you with a draft which will not clear for ten days. This means they have your car and you have to wait for the money. We will pay you on the spot with cash for your car.

Also, we save you the trouble of having to go through the hassle and risks of selling your car privately. We will take our time and show you the steps we take to determine a fair market value for your car and let you make the decision without any pressure.

Plus there are special considerations if you are a woman selling your car in Los Angeles and that is our specialty making you feel comfortable.

Dennis Goddard: Today we have Mark here, Mark tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Mark: It’s a 2002 BMW 325 Convertible.

Dennis Goddard: It looks great, what’s the story with where did you get it and how long have you had it.

Mark: I bought it 2 years ago it’s my second car here and I always wanted a BMV Convertible.

Dennis: Well a convertible it is and here you are in southern California. Why are you selling it?

Mark:I am moving back home to Singapore.

Dennis: Were you going to school here?

Mark: Yes, I went to Pepperdine for four years.

Dennis: What were you studying?

Mark: Finance.

Dennis: Great and are we going to keep you here utilizing your skills or are you taking your skills back to Singapore.

Mark: I have to move back home.

Dennis: Mark tell us this why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer oppose to selling your car privately.

Mark: Well it’s a lot fast there is no hassle and it is cold hard cash for my car.

Dennis: Exactly, how did you here about Dennis at

Mark: I found Dennis Buys Cars on Yelp. I typed in “Sell Car, Los Angeles”

Dennis: Great you found us on our yelp reviews.

Mark: Yes, I heard great things about Dennis Buys Cars.

Dennis: How would you rate your experience here today?

Mark: 5 stars.

Dennis: Awesome, now Mark show us the best part of today’s transaction.

Mark: All this cash right here.

Dennis: There is it show us the cash for your car. Mark we really appreciate you coming in.

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