Buying Used Cars


So that time has come to sell your used car. You have decided already that it is not not worth the risk and hassle of selling it yourself, especially if you are a woman, so now you have to find a reputable used car dealer who is buying used cars.

Dennis Buys Cars is a Good Choice for Several Reasons:

We pay the highest prices: Here at Dennis Buys Cars we keep our overhead low. Our advertising is done strictly online so when it comes to buying use cars we can afford to pay a little more that the large companies with huge TV and radio advertising budgets.

We pay in cash: We will pay you in green, cold hard cash if you like or any other method that you choose.

We beat CARMAX: Bring us your written CARMAX quote and 99% of the time we will beat it and pay you in cash. CARMAX pays by bank draft and you have to wait ten days for the funds to hit your account.

We buy all types of vehicles: We are not just buying used cars, we buy trucks, SUV’s, Classic Cars and even Motorcycles.

We buy cars with missing titles or expired registration: Don’t worry about renewing your registration and don’t stress about that misplaced title, we will buy it and take care of it.

We are buying used cars that need repair or won’t pass smog: Don’t worry if your “Check Engine” light is on or it won’t pass smog, we will buy it.

We sell cars too: Not only are we buying used cars but we sell cars too! We always have a great selection of cars, trucks and motorcycles to choose from.

We buy Classic Cars: We have always had a passion for cool old cars, trucks and motorcycles. We are known as Los Angeles’ home of “Affordable Classics”.

We even drive you home: When we buy your car, take advantage of our complimentary Uber and Lyft accounts, providing you don’t live in Connecticut!

Dennis Buys Cars is Tops at Buying Used Cars

Dennis Goddard: So Svetlana, tell us why you are selling this car today?

Svetlana: Unfortunately I am leaving the country so I have to sell my car.

Dennis: What country are you heading back to?

Svetlana: I am going back home to Russia.

Dennis: What were you doing here?

Svetlana: I was working at a sports league company and going to school at UCLA.

Dennis: Nice, so you bought a car when you got here and now it is time to sell it?

Svetlana: Yes.

Dennis:So tell us about your car that you are selling.

Svetlana: Its a 2013 Mazda MAZDA3, a really great car fuel efficient, compact I’m really going to miss it.

Dennis: Well we will make sure that it gets in really great hands. Tell us why did you decide to sell it to a dealer as oppose to selling it on yourself privately?

Svetlana: To be honest I did not have too much time and I needed a company that was buying used cars. This was easier and probably the more secure way to get things done.

Dennis: How did you hear about Dennis at

Svetlana: I googled the place and based on Yelp ReviewsYelp Reviews I gave you a call and that was it.

Dennis: Do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did the search?

Svetlana: Buying Used Cars, I typed in Buying Used Cars.

Dennis: I understand that you went to CarMax and you got a quote from them and I understand that we met or beat CarMax price is that correct?

Svetlana: Yes.

Dennis: How do you compare you experience with CarMax as compared to us?

Svetlana: Well CarMax was a good experience I just got there got my car appraised for a few minute’s that was it. But I really appreciate with how quick things were done here and you get cash now you don’t have to wait for the bank draft to come to your account specially when you only have one day left in this country.

Dennis: So CarMax will buy your car for a similar amount but they will give you a draft with which you would have to wait for it to turn into money.

Svetlana: Exactly. How did we pay you today? I got cash! which is really nice.

Dennis: Thank you so much we really appreciate it and good luck going back home.

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