Selling a Used Car if You Are a Woman

“First of all my parents did not want me to be hounded by random men basically,” Margaret selling her car.

Things to Watch for When Selling a Used Car

There are just too many things that can go terribly wrong with a private-party sale when a woman places an ad to sell her used car:

Your Cell Phone Number: As a woman selling a used car, the LAST thing you want is to have a stalker having your cel phone. When you place an ad, at some point you are going to have to be contacted. At the very least that means giving up your cel phone number. This means that all these prospective buyers, most of them men, will have your cel phone number…FOREVER. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of changing your cel phone number.

Your Personal Safety: Recently, a man in Los Angeles who was killed selling his Audi by someone who responded to his ad selling a used car on Craigslist. Don’t let this be you.

The Test Drive: Do you really want to be in the confined space of your car at the mercy a complete stranger?

Getting Paid Safely: Cashier’s checks can be stopped, a personal check is out of the question. This means the counting out of green cash only when selling a used car with a stranger and the risks involved.

Your Liability: With DMV budget cuts, the “Release of Liability” tear-off on your title now takes months to reach DMV’s central records during which time the car you sold could be acquiring tickets which can result in a court appearance by you to prove when you sold it.

Avoid these dangers by selling a used car to Dennis Buys Cars. We are a safe and friendly place when selling a used car, classic car, truck or motorcycle. We have been in the same location since 2002, have great reviews and thousands of satisfied customers. We will pay you the highest price possible and beat all written offers including CARMAX.

We will evaluate your car, make you the highest possible offer and have you safely on your way in fifteen minutes. If you need, we will even get you home in a complimentary Uber car!

Don’t take any chances, let us handle everything for you. Do the smart and safe thing when selling a used car that thousands before you have done. Call us right now: 310-253-9977. You’ll be glad you did.

Peace of mind is priceless, so is your personal safety!

Dennis Goddard: Margaret tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Margaret: I am selling a Honda its 24 years old almost as old as I am. I was nervous about the whole process because I did not want some random people coming into my home and asking me a ton of questions. Invading that space, so I found you guys online and was relieved to do so.

Dennis: How come you are selling a used car?

Margaret: Well its a good car it works properly and treated me well but there are a couple things with it like no AC that were sort of a problem for me so I decided to upgrade.

Dennis: Awesome, Margaret how did you hear about Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Margaret: I do not remember exactly what I searched on Google. I think it must have been “Los Angeles Selling Used Car” and you were the first one that came up and there were great reviews. The website was really lovely it looked like a reputable place. I figured I can trust you guys.

Dennis Goddard: So tell us why you chose coming to a dealer as opposed to trying to sell your car privately.

Margaret: First of all my parents did not want me to be hounded by random men basically.

Dennis: Right!

Margaret: I am a young woman in a big city and their are a lots of dangers that come with just people trying to contact you and come to your home. So I wanted to avoid that and stay safe.

Dennis: Plus then they now have your cell number forever even if they do not buy you car.

Maggie: Exactly, and my address right they have all my information, my name. I really wanted to avoid that and feel safer.

Dennis: Right, well that’s great that’s exactly what we try to do here.

Dennis: Margaret thank you very much for coming in today very nice meeting you. Hopefully if you need any help with cars in any way shape or form give us a call.

Margaret: I’ll remember you thank you very much. Thank you so much.

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