Who Buys Old Classic Cars?

We Want Old Classic Cars!

At Dennis Buys Classic Cars, we just love Old Classic Cars! Since we opened our doors in January of 2000 our mission has been seeking out, restoring and finding new owners of cool, Old Classic Cars.

The term “Classic Car” is a broad category and not always easy to define. The Antique Automobile Club of America states that any vehicle older than twenty years is a classic car. Let’s examine this fact for a moment. A 1982 Porsche 911 would be a classic in anybody’s book, but how about a four door Dodge Volare of the same year?

So the term Classic Car is really in the eye of the beholder, or in most cases, the guy with the money in his pocket. In addition, new classics are being generated every generation. Classic car buyers are generally older who have established themselves in life and have a few extra discretionary bucks to spend. They tend to purchase cars that caught their eye when they were a teenager. This could explain why the market is so hot now for Mustangs, Camaros and muscle cars from the sixties and early seventies.

It is our opinion that to be a classic, the car should be 1974 or earlier. After ’74 there was no longer an emphasis on power and performance. Smog restrictions were now in place and huge, ugly bumpers started showing up on the cars we love. There are exceptions of course, certain Corvettes, Ferraris, Mercedes and the aforementioned Porsche.

Our mission is to find old classic cars, make them presentable and offer them at a price that is attainable by the average guy. Everybody knows that Vintage Ferraris cross the auction block at millions of dollars but owing one is just not a reality for 99% of us. But a cool looking and sounding 1965 Mustang for under $20,000 is and that is where we come in.

It’s Easier to Sell Your Classic Car to Us

At Dennis Buys Classic Cars we fill a unique niche in the automotive marketplace. Yes, we sell old classic cars but more importantly to some we buy old classic cars. Selling a classic car on your own is not as easy as some people think. If you inherited a classic car from a family member, the last thing you want to do is finish his project.

It can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. First of all, you have to get it running properly. Old cars are finicky and nobody wants to buy a car that doesn’t run right or is difficult to start.

Then you have to clean it and make it presentable for sale. A decent, well lit file of pictures must be created and grammatically correct ad copy has to be written. An ad needs to be placed on one of the public forums online for a fee.

Next you have to determine how much you want for it. We have a joke in this business. If you want to hear a guy babble on incoherently for twenty minutes, ask him how much he wants for his car!

Determining a price point for your car is crucial. Most people make the mistake of going online find the best one that is similar to theirs and think that the price advertised is what their car is worth. What people ask for and what they get are two vastly different things. We have the ability to search for what cars actually sold for recently to determine what cars are worth.

Once you place an ad online the fun begins. If you price your car too high “all you will hear is crickets” and you will waste your time and money. Even when you do price it accordingly you will bombarded by “experts”. They know way more about your car than you do and badger in into time wasting negotiations on the phone.

Next will be the broken appointments and the uncomfortableness of having strangers coming to your home. Furthermore, you cannot accept checks of any kind. Cashier’s checks can be stopped.

Avoid the risks of selling your classic car privately. Call Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars. We will buy your classic car, pay you the highest price, in green cash if you like and drive you home in a shiny Uber.

Dennis Buys Cars and it’s division Dennis Buys Classic Cars has been in the same location on Venice Blvd since 2003. We have great Yelp reviews as well as fun videos to watch and thousands of happy customers. We buy late model cars and trucks as well and we beat all written offers including CARMAX. We buy motorcycles! Check out our inventory of Classic Cars for sale .

Let’s Listen in on Eric Selling his Classic ’73 Caddy Convertible to Dennis

Dennis Goddard: So Eric what is the story with this car were did you get it and how long have you had it?

Eric: I got it from a client who owed me some money on a window business and so I did a trade for it. I’ve had it for a little over a year.

Dennis: Wow, so what is the year, make and model?

Eric: It’s a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible.

Dennis: Wow, this is a land yacht!

Eric: Land yacht supreme 19 ½ feet long.

Dennis: It looks pretty decent. So, why did you decide to sell today?

Eric: Just you know, wanted to make room in my garage. I got another car that I’m looking at a little newer and it’s just a little big for me.

Dennis: Right. Well, it big for me too. I can fit two Honda Civics’ into the space this would fit! So Eric, why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Eric: For the extra money I would have gotten, I just don’t have the time you know busy business man. I think you are giving me a fair price for it and I’m happy, hope the next person really enjoys it.

Dennis: That our job that is what we are trying to do. How did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars.com

Eric: I Googled “who buys old classic cars” and you came up.

Dennis: Who buys old classic cars.

Eric: In Google, yes

Dennis: Nice, we came in on the top?

Eric You came in on the top.

Dennis: Awesome, great. Well listen Eric, thank you very much for coming. We appreciate it and any time you need help in the car business let us know and if I need windows I call you.

Eric: Fantastic, thanks Dennis.

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