Christian Sells His Classic Camaro

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Is it time to sell a classic Camaro or any other classic car, truck or motorcycle? We can help and make it hassle free. You have come to the right place!

Dennis Buys Cars and it subsidiary Dennis Buys Classic Cars have been LA’s top buyer of classic cars since 2003. We have bought and sold thousands of classic vehicles, all types, worth millions of dollars over the years.

Plus we are a fun place to visit when you come here to sell your car. You will meet interesting people here with great car stories. Where else can you see a cool 60’s Japanese SUV, parked next to a Renault Dauphine, next to a Shelby GT-500, next to a restomod ’41 Chevy pickup, next to a ’54 Buick Roadmaster Convertible?

This is a Fun Place to Visit and Swap Stories

We specialize in all types of classic cars with a focus on American Muscle. There is no question that the hottest market right now is pre 1970 Camaros and Mustangs. These are the cars that have steadily appreciated over the years and are certain to continually rise in value.

Of course we love European classic cars too. We always seem to have a cool Triumph, MG, Fiat, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes or Jaguar on hand. Stop in anytime and re-live your youth by browsing cars that you lusted after before you had the money!

Don’t Deal With Strangers Coming to Your Door

Furthermore, we know that selling a classic car, Classic Camaro, or any type of car for that matter, can have its pitfalls. First you have to place an ad and the calls start. People try to negotiate on the phone without even seeing the car. Then you make an appointment to show the car, arrange your busy schedule and they don’t even show up.

For instance, nobody likes having strangers come to the house. Another headache is the test drive. I have heard so many stories of prospective buyers driving like a maniac while you are hanging on for dear life only to be told afterwards they will think about it. You don’t know what kind of insurance the guy has or whether or not your insurance will cover if there is some kind of mishap.

We Handle All DMV Hassle

Above all is the issue of payment. Obviously a personal check is out of the question but many people don’t realize that a cashier’s check can be easily stopped. Your car is long gone and you don’t find till weeks later when the bank deducts that amount from your balance. We handle everything.

In addition, we are a licensed and bonded California dealer and as such we will buy you car safely, pay you safely and release your liability on the spot. Your title will not be floating around from person to person or country to country.

Finally, we buy all types of vehicles as well. Modern luxury, SUVs, trucks and motorcycles. View our inventory of stuff we have for sale. Check out our reviews and fun videos. Save yourself the hassle of selling your classic car, motorcycle or Classic Camaro privately and call us!

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Dennis Goddard: Christian tell us about this classic car that you’re selling today.

Christian: This was a car that came to me from a family member, and I don’t have the space for it. It’s an awesome car to drive around just not something for me, so I decided to sell it and I got a good deal. It was the easiest process I ever had, it was great!

Dennis: What do we have here, what’s the year make and model?

Christian: We have a 1978 Classic Camaro LT, one owner. She drove it daily as her normal car, its a beautiful car.

Sell Your Classic Car in 15 Minutes or Less

Dennis: Tell us about that. Tell us about the ownership history of the car.

Christian: She was a New Yorker, who moved quickly to Florida. She liked to cruise the beaches and enjoy her day. It was a good cruising car for her.

Dennis: So, she bought it brand new?

Christian: It was bought brand new by my mother in law.

Dennis: Tell us how did the car come to be yours.

Christian: She always wanted to go to her family members obviously and she passed away. She had cancer, It took her a little too soon. Its a beautiful car and she loved with all her heart.

Inherit a Classic Camaro? Don’t Know Where to Start?

Dennis: So you inherited the car. We were talking earlier and it just didn’t quite fit in with your needs or likes.

Christian: Yes, It’s a beautiful car but I don’t have the parking space. In my house the parking is crowded with two personal cars. If I had a garage I would absolutely store but it just didn’t fit into my life so I had to sell it.

Dennis: Exactly, so Christian tell us why did you decide it to sell this car to a dealer as oppose to selling it privately?

Christian: For me, I don’t know a ton about cars, you know I had my own interactions, so I was looking for convenience, somebody who could get into the right hands which I don’t have, other than random websites and also the knowledge. This is something very specific, considering a 78 Camaro, it probably has a specific audience that would buy it. It was important to me to find someone who knew how to get into that audiences hands.

We Release Your Liability

Dennis: What is the most important factor to you when selling your car?

Christian: The most important factor to me it was the easy of the process. I wanted to be a nice and clean process. I got enough to worry about and I think on the state of a family member passing away, for me the easy of the process really makes a difference.

Dennis: Exactly!! So, how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Christian: I found Dennis by searching and reading all the reviews and it was right at the top of the list, first place I came.

Dennis: So you did a online search, do you remember what it was that you typed in?

We Will Buy Your Classic Camaro or Any Classic!

Christian: I think I might have typed in sell Classic Camaro car Los Angeles.

Dennis: Sell Classic Camaro car Los Angeles?

Christian: Yes.

Dennis: And it worked!

Christian: It worked!

Dennis: It brought you here!

Christian: It got me here and it was a very quick process and I couldn’t be happier.

Dennis: Great! Hey Christian, we really appreciate it and if you need some help in the future car wise, be sure to let us know.

Christian: I appreciate it, thank you.

Dennis: Thanks.

Classic Camaro