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We Jump Over Fences For Classic Cars!

Part of the process of buying classic cars in Southern California is the unique way in which Dennis Buys Classic Cars finds these cars. Once I was peering over a back alley fence and spotted a 1967 VW Campmobile Van under a carport. It was covered in many years worth of dust, had the original California black plates and was in amazing condition. This was a prize that I was not going to let go without a fight. I quickly climbed the fence, put my business card on the windshield, ran back to the fence and scrambled over with an angry German Shepherd nipping at my heels.

Months later I got a call from a woman saying she found my card on the van. Turns out it belonged to a relative who had since passed on and she just never got around to doing anything about it. She said she would be willing to sell it and we arranged to meet the next day. I explained to her we have a good reputation specialize in Classic Car Buyers and Restoration and that we were the perfect buyer of this classic car. The van was completely original, never had been painted and had no dents. The pop-up top worked great and it still had the sink, dining table and small refrigerator. Amazingly, I put a jumper box on it and it fired right up!

We made a deal, she counted out the cash and soon this van was heading for Classic Car Buyers and Restoration and in Classic Car Inventory at Dennis Buys Classic Cars.

Another time I was riding my bicycle and spotted a very clean 1965 Springtime Yellow Ford Mustang on the side of the road with a “For Sale” sign on it. I called the number on my cel and the owner was just coming out of a nearby restaurant. Turns out he was moving to Mexico, couldn’t take it with him and wanted to sell this classic car. He was a super nice guy and comically held on to my bike as “collateral” while I took it for a quick test drive. Strangely enough, he had the title with him and I had enough cash on me to cover what he was asking. We negotiated a bit and soon we were counting out the green cash on the yellow hood of the Mustang. I threw my bike in the trunk and drove home in my “new” Mustang!

This 1964 Jaguar MK2 is a one owner car that has been sitting in the same spot in the garage for thirty years. It also is an original California car with the CA Black Plates and as a result it did not have a speck of rust on it which is very unusual for these cars. It was bought brand new by the sellers mother who had passed away recently. He enlisted Margi and her husband to find a buyer of classic cars. She did an online search for “Classic Car Buyers and Restoration” and Dennis Buys Classic Cars popped up.

Dennis Goddard: So Margi, tell us what you know about this car.

Margi: Oh boy, this car. I didn’t know very much about it. It was stuffed in a shed full of dust and the guy didn’t know what to do with it but we had to clear everything out. And so I looked. Do I just say what I did? I just looked on classic car buyers and restoration, and I saw Dennis.

Dennis: Wow, that great. So, this car, it’s my understanding that the original owner of this car passed away and then the son inherited it. Is that correct?

Margi: Yes, that’s correct actually she had it stored in the shed for over 30 years one owner and they didn’t know what to do with it.

Dennis: So, she bought it brand-new, she passed away some years ago. The son inherited, then you folks where helping him clear out his estate. Is that what happened?

Margi: Yes.

Dennis: Okay, great. So Margi tell us, how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Margi: I was looking for a classic car buyer somebody who was interested in a project.

Dennis: Okay, great. So you typed in Classic Car Buyers and Restoration?

Margi: Yes, Classic Car Buyers and Restoration

Dennis: Classic Car Buyers and Restoration. Okay, well that’s what led you to us and were glad it did. Thank you very much Margi, we really appreciate it

Margi: Thank you

Classic Car Buyers and Restoration