5 Tips on Selling a Classic Thunderbird

Or Any Other Classic Car!

1. Learn the Market

The Classic Car market is vast and ever changing. Remember, there are large number of fifteen year olds entering their 40’s and 50’s who can now afford the car they lusted after when they were a kid. So the Classic Car market is constantly evolving.

Learn everything about your car that you can. The options that your car has or doesn’t have and its condition play a large part in what it’s worth. Kelley Blue Book “Official Guide For Early Model Cars 1946-1995” is an excellent source of information that will clearly show you every option and sub model of every classic car and how it affects value according to its condition and how it is equipped.

2. Be Realistic

Classic Car buyers are a smart bunch and trust me they do their research. If you have a very nice “bread and butter” six cylinder Mustang it is going to be mixed in with all the V8 ads so keep that in mind. Please be aware that everybody thinks their classic car is special and worth more than it is.

3. Get it Running

I cannot tell you how many times I hear “Oh it just needs a battery and it will run great” or fuel pump, alternator, etc. If it is a simple fix, do it! A running and driving classic car can fetch 40% more than if a prospective buyer cannot even hear the engine run.

4. Take Good Pictures

The last thing you want to do is frustrate a prospective buyer and the biggest mistake I see committed by private sellers is poor picture taking. I have actually seen pictures of cars taken at night with the tiny cel phone flash! Show the entire car first in good light in all angles and don’t cut off fenders or bumpers. People will think you are hiding something. Then if want to show some closeups would be ok but show the entire car first.

Describe it accurately and if there are some trouble spots make sure you show them as well. Nobody wants to drive a long distance only to find a big hole in the floor.

I know a guy who pulled a toupee off the head of a guy, threw it in a mud puddle and stomped on it after being told a 1964 Corvette being advertised for sale had power windows. He drove three hours only to arrive and it did not!

5. Price it Right

This is a biggie. The biggest error made is that sellers tend to go online and search for classic cars similar to theirs for sale and focus on the highest asking price they can find. Then they mistakenly price their car accordingly. Remember, what people ask for and what they get are two very different things.

Here’s a valuable insider tip: Go to eBay>advanced search>sold listings and you will see what cars similar to yours actually sold for. Now you can truly see how your car fits into the market place. We know it’s your “baby” but a car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

“Dennis Buys Classic Cars” Will Buy It!

Dennis Goddard of Dennis Buys Classic Cars has over 40 years experience in the buying and selling of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. Dennis Buys Classic Cars and its parent company Dennis Buys Cars has been in the same location since 2003.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who have bought and want to sell Classic Cars. We also specialize in Late Model Luxury Cars, Trucks and SUVs. If you have a car you want to sell, we will buy it and save you the hassle and potential danger of dealing with the public.

We have great reviews on Yelp and tons of fun videos to watch.

Also we love to buy motorcycles. Winter is here so if you want to sell that bike that is collecting dust in the garage we will buy it without the hassle of having to show it and sell it yourself.

Listen In as Lance Sells His Classic Thunderbird to Dennis

Dennis Goddard: Hi this is Dennis again of Dennis Buys Cars and once again we are knocking on doors and searching all throughout Southern California for a Classic cars and a Classic Thunderbird because that’s what we do. We buy classic cars and today we have Lance and his thunderbird. So Lance tell us about this 1957 Ford T-Bird that you’re selling today?

Lance: Hi, my name is Lance Price this was my fathers car I’m 59 years old about to be 59 years old he bought this Classic Thunderbird when I was born and we have had it ever since.

Dennis: Wow so you’ve known this Classic Thunderbird all your life?

Lance: Oh yeah we used to take the top down to Long Beach, go down PCH. I have a lot of childhood memories.

Dennis: So what was your favorite memory of driving with your dad in this Classic Thunderbird?

Lance: Favorite memory of driving this car one time it was kind of ironic cause my daughter was with me riding the car and he couldn’t understand why everyone was waving at us she said why is waving at me daddy? And I said cause you’re in a Classic Thunderbird car!

Dennis: Wow, so tell us about the history of this Classic Thunderbird? He brought it brand new so its still in good condition.

Lance: He brought it brand new, only one owner was him and the only other person was me.

Dennis: Wow, that’s quite a story, now the obvious question, why are you selling this Classic Thunderbird?

Lance: The reason why I’m selling it is because the fact that I wanted to give it to my son but what I am going to do is get the money and put a down payment on a house and I think its better doing it that way than a Classic Thunderbird for my kids to fight over when they get older.

Dennis: Exactly, so Lance, how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars?

Lance: Actually my wife found Dennis. She told me about it and I went to a lot of other places and stuff to try to find it and Dennis was the person that I got comfortable with to sell our Classic Thunderbird.

Dennis: so do you remember what it was that she typed in when she did the online search?

Lance: I do not know the website she typed in Sell Classic Thunderbird or how she got in contact but I think she did it online.

Dennis: Well tell you what, its been a really great pleasure meeting you, we really appreciate it, and well find a good home for it!

Lance: Alright, thank you. Send me pictures!

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