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Dennis Buys a Classic Ford V8 Coupe

We want to buy your Classic Car, Truck or motorcycle! Right now demand for classic cars is greater than our supply. Europeans have been invading our shores lately and especially seek out cars from California because of the likelihood of their being rust free as a result of our sunny and dry climate. Luckily for us, Dennis Buys Classic Cars is one of their first stops. They know we are very careful about what we buy and go through them carefully before we put them up for sale.

We love motorcycles of all types too. If you want to sell a motorcycle we we will buy it. If you are looking for a cool bike check our inventory, there might be something there you like.

Maybe you have an unfinished project that you need out of the garage, maybe you inherited an old car because a relative passed away, maybe you are moving and can’t take it with or or maybe you just need the money. We can help.

We are specialists in Classic Cars Buy Sell, muscle cars, European sports cars, classic off road vehicles, brass era cars, hot rods, cars from the thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and early seventies.

Glenn Typed in Classic Cars Buy Sell

Dennis Goddard: So Dr. Glenn tell us about this very cool car that you’re selling today?

Dr. Glenn: Its a pretty cool car it was gifted to me its a 1947 Ford Coupe or 2 has a racing engine is pretty cool and coming here has been one nice easy experience. Dennis is a awesome guy. Down to earth.

Dennis: Well thank you so much. So what is the year, make, and model of the car Glenn?

Dr. Glenn: I believe its a 1947 Ford Deluxe 2 door

Dennis: Wow really really nice. So what do you know about the car?

Dr. Glenn: Well I know that its a classic hard to find. Very hard to find.

Dennis: So the person that you bought it from did dome work to it I understand.

Dr. Glenn: Yes he did yes,

Dennis: A few modifications?

Dr. Glenn: Yeah a few mods so it drives better

Dennis: He put a Chevy, a Chevy 350

Dr. Glenn: Yes, he put a racing engine in there.
Dennis: Did the interior blue seats Wow very nice. So why did you decide to sell it?

Dr. Glenn: Well, actually I’m not too much of a car enthusiast. Its gonna take space in my house and its just gonna sit there.

Dennis: And doctor, I understand you have a very interesting practice, tell us about what you do?

Dr. Glenn: I do integrated medicine. I combine homeopathic medicine with alternative medicine and I work with a lot of end stage diseases a lot of cancer HIV things of that nature.

Dennis: Wow so you deal with Chinese holistic healing.

Dr. Glenn: Yes I incorporate that as well. I believe you know the shotgun approach. Do whatever it takes and they can both compliment each other.

Dennis: So Glenn, tell us how you found Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Dr. Glenn: I just googled him. I googled classic cars and you came up right away and I looked at your website, saw your picture, and read all your information and I decided to come here.

Dennis: Well we are very glad you did. And you remember what it was that you typed in?

Dr Glenn: Yeah I just typed in classic cars buy sell.

Dennis: classic cars buy/sell.  Wow thats very interesting. Well I’m glad typing in Classic Cars Buy Sell led you to us!

Dr Glenn. You were right in the first page of Classic Cars Buy Sell!

Dennis: Well Dr. Thank you so much we really appreciate it and now you have a cousin in the car business and if you ever need any help classic cars buy sell or any advice please fell free to give us a call

Dr. Glenn: Thank you.

Classic Cars Buy Sell