Anne Searched For “Sell Vehicle”

We Buy Anything on Wheels

Dennis Buys Cars is a licensed and bonded California that will safely and quick buy just about anything on wheels. We have been in the same location since 2003 and have thousands of satisfied customers who have either bought from us and sold to us. Our Yelp reviews are great and we have a bunch of fun testimonial videos taken the day people sold us their cars.

Selling your car privately is a time consuming and sometimes risky proposition. It is never a good idea to have strangers coming to your house and knowing where you live. What if something goes wrong with your car and a disgruntled buyer bangs on your door at 11PM? Also when you advertise on Craigslist your cel phone becomes public and who know what database you could end up on. Under no circumstances can you accept a cashier’s check, they could be stopped, your car is long gone and you are out the money. Also, do you really want to get in your own car with a total stranger at the wheel test driving your car? I know from personal experience before I was a dealer that this can be terrifying. Avoid the dangers, sell your car to us.

If are a woman selling your car it is just not advisable to sell your car on your own. We are sensitive to your special needs and will make the process safe and hassle free.

It is so easy to sell us your used car, truck, SUV or motorcycle. First, Call us. We will give you an approximation of what we could pay. Then make an appointment, bring it down, we will check it out and make you a cash offer. If you accept we will pay you in cash or whatever manner makes you comfortable and get you home in a free Uber or Lyft car. It’s that simple.

We also sell later model cars, trucks and SUVs. Check out our inventory, maybe you will find something you like.

Dennis Buys Cars has a division called Dennis Buys Classic Cars. We will buy that old classic car that you inherited from your grandfather that you don’t want. We will buy your unfinished project, the old car that has been sitting in the garage for years or maybe you just need the money. Sell it to us, we will make it quick and easy with no hassle. The best part is we sell super cool classic cars as well.

Wait, it gets better! Do you have a motorcycle to sell? We will buy it! Dennis Buys Motorcycles is a licensed and bonded California motorcycle dealer as well. We sell all kinds of bikes too. Take a look at our bike inventory and get tempted!

Anne Searched Google for “Sell Vehicle”

Dennis Goddard: So Anne, tell us about this car that you are selling today?

Anne: This car that I am selling today is going to this dealership I found in my neighborhood. It was really easy to find and I am happy with the customer service. I hope to bring friends to this business and it was a good experience.

Dennis: Tell us about the car. What is the year make and model?

Anne: It’s a 2000 Hyundai Accent. It has two doors.

Dennis: The car has an interesting ownership history I understand.

Anne: Yes, It was my first car. I bought it right out of college. I have had it for sixteen years. I have treated it really well because it was my first car and I didn’t want to be stranded on the road.

Dennis: Why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Anne: Well I spoke to some buyers privately and they wanted some things that I did not agree on. Payment plans, et. and it was starting to get a little personal. I didn’t want friendships to break so I figured I would go to a sell vehicle dealership and just get it done and it worked out.

Dennis: So Anne, how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Anne: I went on Dennis Buys Cars and read the sell vehicle customer reviews and they were very good.

Dennis: When you did the initial sell vehicle  online search do you remember what it was that you typed in?

Anne: I believe I typed in “Sell Vehicle” on Google and it took me to Dennis Buys Cars.

Dennis: So you typed in “Sell Vehicle”.

Anne: Yes, “Sell Vehicle” and it got me here. Yes, I am here and I am a happy customer.

Sell Vehicle