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Dennis Buys Classic Cars, a division Dennis Buys Cars, is a buyer and seller of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles in Los Angeles founded by Dennis Goddard.

Dennis has been a lover of classic cars since his first car which was a somewhat battered and slightly rusted 1960 British Racing Green MGA. Dennis learned at an early age that in order to properly understand classic cars you must first experience a Connecticut winter in an old British car with no heat, no defroster, no windshield wipers and a top that leaks!

But it is hard to discourage a determined soul. Soon with meager funds and the burgeoning mechanical skills of a teenager he was soon buying, fixing up and selling, MGs, Triumphs, Peugeots, Fiats, VWs, Humbers and even a 1955 Cadillac that Dennis bought for a song.

There is however, no greater eye-opening experience for a classic car lover, than to experience Southern California. In his early thirties, Dennis left left the cold and dark Northeast and moved to sunny Los Angeles. The amount of classic cars and trucks that are in Southern California is absolutely amazing. There are countless numbers still driving around, sitting in backyards and fields that are virtually rust free. The reason for this is the simple fact that it doesn’t snow here! And as a result vehicles in Southern California are not subjected to salt on the roads that eats away the metal parts on cars from winter climate areas like the Midwest or Northeast.

Dennis’ first car in Los Angeles was a virtually rust free 1964 Chevy C-10 Pickup with a 283 V8, Powerglide auto transmission and original California plates. Prior to that he had hardly ever seen a truck like that because back home they were all long gone and rusted into the ground!

This brings us to another California phenomenon; California black plates. Unlike most other states, in California the license plates stay with the car for its entire life and the style of the plates have changed over the years. California cars had Black plates with yellow numbers between the years of 1963 to 1969 so cars that were sold or registered within those years could possibly still bear these plates. These “black plated” cars are the most desirable to collectors all over the world because of their likelihood of being rust free. These original black plates are not to be confused with the recent re-issue of black plates which have no such history or provenance.

This distinction of desirability applies to all plates of different color combinations prior to 1963. California changed to blue and yellow plates between the years of 1969 to 1980 and after that they had the white background which we have to this day.

France Loves Dennis Buys Classic Cars and Dennis Loves France!

As a result, Southern California is “ground zero” for buyers of classic cars who come from all four corners of the earth. Dennis Buys Classic Cars, 8931 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles has regular buyers visiting from Germany, The UK, Spain, Bennelux and Australia seeking these desirable rust free cars. It is interesting to note that certain makes of cars that were sold new in California are now going home to their country of “birth”. Older California VWs and Porches are desirable in Germany for example now because their counterparts are ravaged by salted roads. Any restorer knows that rust is the most difficult and expensive repair to make.

But it seems that Paris and France in general has that highest population of classic car lovers. Over the years Dennis Buys Classic Cars established strong relationships with French buyers who are either resellers who buy and sell classic cars as a business or collectors who keep and enjoy them. Francis Schultheis is one such person who Dennis had the pleasure to meet on a recent trip to his home in Forbach, France. Francis is a knowledgeable buyer and restorer of cars who has a growing and extensive collection of cars that he is constantly fine tuning. It is quite a sight to seem him cruising the French countryside in his super rare Oldsmobile 442 convertible Pace Car!

Dennis Buys Classic Cars specializes in the buying and selling of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles from 1972 and older. It is possible that a car from the late seventies or early eighties might sneak onto the lot if they have the “cool” factor. Our specialty is “affordable classic cars”. Everybody knows that vintage Ferraris can go for millions of dollars. We specialize in old Mustangs, Camaros, 60’s convertibles, cool trucks, motorcycles and out of the ordinary cars that you can drive and enjoy everyday.

We are the experts. If you have a Classic Car, Truck or Motorcycle that you need to sell, let us know, Dennis Buys Classic Cars can help. If you have inherited a classic car, we specialize in estates and appraisals. We have great reviews on Yelp and a bunch of fun videos to watch.

Dennis Buys Classic Cars is a division of Dennis Buys Cars who is a licensed and bonded California Dealer #60055. We are now enjoying our thirteenth year at the same location. We also buy and sell late model vehicles as well as our classics. We buy motorcycles too! Visit our motorcycle section if you need to get in the wind!

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