How to Find a Reputable Car Dealer

What are the things you are looking for in a car dealer when you want to sell your car?

YOU WANT TO BE TREATED RIGHT: We know there are many other used car dealers from which to choose. What sets us apart is that we understand you want to be treated fairly and want to get the best deal possible. We are completely transparent in the methods that we choose to determine what your car is worth and we will show you in black and white and explain to you how it is that we came to our conclusion.

CONVENIENCE: We know you are busy with many things happening in your life. It could shuffling the kids around during a hectic day. It could be running your own small business. It could a very strict schedule at work at work that leaves very limited time during the day to get anything done. You have to sell your car and would like to get it done as quickly as possible, in one fifteen minute transaction and you want to get a fair deal.

REPUTATION: Dennis Buys Cars has a solid reputation with solid Yelp reviews, countless video testimonials and over a decade of return customers. We are well known in the community as a good place to come to buy or sell a car.

SAFETY: Let’s face it, there are risks involved to selling your car privately. When you visit us here at you are coming to a friendly, established place of business, licensed and bonded California dealera and a business that has been in the same location since 2002.

HASSLE FREE: We handle everything. If your car needs work, isn’t running right, has a few dents, won’t pass smog, can’t find the title, still has a payoff. Doesn’t matter, we take care of it. Just bring your car in, we will buy it on the spot and you will walk out of here with a check or cold hard cash if you want.ll your car and would like to get it done as quickly as possible, in one fifteen minute transaction and you want to get a fair deal.

Dennis Goddard: So Kevin and Daryl tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Kevin: It’s a 1997 Chevrolet Camaro 30th year Anniversary series. It has the SC package. Universal California package. It has the SC colors. It’s convertible. It has 56,000 miles on it. It’s in immaculate condition; 2 owners. My fondest memory of this car is going really fast on the Texas highway.

Dennis Goddard: How fast were you going, would you say?

Kevin: I hit two. It scared me. I’ve never been 200 miles per hour. Except on an airplane when it’s getting ready to take off. I got it up to two.

Dennis Goddard: Ok tell us how you hear of Dennis of DennisBuysCars?

Kevin: That was all my brother.

Daryl: Well, we were looking for a place to sell the car and we thought we could do it with someone reputable and after doing some research we found your site. Through a couple of recommendations we saw that people were really happy with the type of business you were doing.

Dennis: Awesome.

Daryl: Consequently so are we. We are really pleased with the deal we were able to make after 30 minutes worth of bickering which is as it should be. We will definitely recommend you again Dennis

Dennis: Guys we really appreciate you coming down and anything, you need any help car wise in the future make sure you let us know.

Kevin: Get some trucks. I need a truck.

Dennis Goddard: We’ll get you one.

Daryl: Thanks a lot