How to Get Out of a Car Lease

A lot of people think that one you enter into a two year lease that you are locked in and cannot get out. That is not always the case, many times your lease has equity and that can translate to money in your pocket.

Sometimes the car you bought just doesn’t fit your needs anymore. Maybe a baby is on the way and you need something different. Maybe your job has been relocated and shipping the car is just not feasible. Maybe your financial situation has changed and you just want to get out of the payments. Perhaps you saw something newer and better and just wanted to make a change.

Each lease has a payoff which diminishes each month during the lifetime of the lease. First Dennis Buys Cars will contact the bank and determine the payoff of your car or SUV lease. We then will do a market analysis on your car to see exactly what it is worth. If the payoff is lower than what we can pay for the vehicle, you pocket the difference. It’s that simple. We handle every aspect of the transaction including paying off the lease and cutting you a check.

If you need help selling your car, truck or motorcycle we can help make it quick and easy for you. There are many advantages of selling your car to a dealer rather than trying to do it yourself.
Selling your car privately can be a pain in the you know what. Sometimes it’s just not possible to sell your car without the help of a dealer. Let’s say you have a $7,000 payoff on your car that is worth $10,000 and the bank is holding your title. No private buyer is going to advance you the $7,000 so that you can payoff the bank and wait for the title. We would pay the balance for you and pay you the $3,000 balance. This can all be done in one fifteen minute visit.

Dennis Goddard: So Jeremy tell us about this car that you’re selling today

Jeremy: So this is a 2012 Buick Enclave, it’s a premium. It has three rows and navigation and entertainment system.

Dennis Goddard: Wow nice car, it looks almost new. What happened? Why are you selling it already?

Jeremy: Well we had a lease, we had several months left and we wanted to get into a different car.

Dennis Goddard: Ok awesome, so walk us through that a little bit. So you had a lease and I understand that we were helpful in getting you out of the lease and then getting a little money into your pocket

Jeremy: That’s correct, yeah. We had some equity and thankfully I’m able to get out the car and get the money back

Dennis Goddard: Ok great and did you buy another car?

Jeremy: Yes, we leased another car.

Dennis Goddard: Ok Awesome and tell us about how you heard about Dennis Goddard at Dennis Buys Cars?

Jeremy: I did an online search on Google and your name came up.

Dennis Goddard: Ok Awesome. Do you remember what you typed in?

Jeremy: I believe it was car consignment Los Angeles.

Dennis Goddard: Awesome. Well’ I’ll tell you what, it was great having you come in and how would you rate your overall experience here?

Jeremy: It’s been excellent.

Dennis Goddard: Ok great. Thank you so much

Jeremy: You got it, happy to do it.