How to Get Out of Your Auto Lease Early

Get Out of Your Auto Lease Easy

Sometimes you need to get out of your auto lease and it’s a lot  easier than you think. Every auto lease has a pay-off which is the amount of money that is still owed on your lease. It diminishes each month over the lifespan of your contract. It is a simple matter of contacting the lender to determine what that pay off is. Than we determine what the payoff  is on your auto lease relative to what the car is worth.

Here is where Dennis Buys Cars can help you. We can easily find out what your payoff is, determine what your car is worth, purchase you car and terminate your auto lease while releasing all your liability. If your car is worth more than what your payoff, then we pay you the difference. If your car is worth less that what the payoff is on your auto lease than you pay us the difference and we accept credit cards, personal checks or cash. In each case we utilize an Authorization for Payoff form to pay the remainder of your auto lease on your behalf.

Dennis Buys Cars Can Get it Done For You in 15 Minutes

You need a licensed and bonded dealer to do this for you for several reasons. First, you don’t have the title yet so the car is not transferrable until it is paid off. Only a dealer can perform the tasks required. Also, this can all be accomplished in fifteen minutes and you will be in a new and shiny Uber car on your way home!

Here at Dennis Buys CarsDennis Buys Cars we do it all. We will Buy your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle and pay the highest prices in town and pay you in cash. We also love classic so if you have a classic car, truck or motorcycle that you need to sell, give us a call! We offer a safe, quick and easy way to sell your car. This is especially important if you are a woman selling your car. There are too many risks involved in selling your car privately.

We have thousands of satisfied customers and great Yelp reviews. Plus, we sell cars too!

Dennis Goddard: So Sanya tell us about this car that you’re selling today.

Sanya: I am selling a 2011 Jeep Liberty in White.

Dennis: Looks very clean how long have you had it?

Sanya: A little over a year.

Dennis: So did you buy a new car is that why youre selling it?

Sanya: Yes, I bought a new Audi and I actually got referred to Dennis by a friend. Came in today and got a really fair deal and actually he was above the other offerings that I got which is great.

Dennis: Sanya tell us why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately

Sanya: just because the transaction was done very smooth. I owed $1,200.00 dollar on my auto lease after what my offer was. They took care of everything so I paid with credit card and I also had an option of using a check to pay for the balance of my auto lease.  They basically took care of everything and its safer and more trusting and I got a fair price for my car.

Dennis: Ok so even tho money was still owed on your auto lease, you didn’t have a title, you were still able to sell your car to us, handle the difference with a credit card and then you’re done.

Sanya: Yes exactly im very happy.

Dennis: How would you rate your overall experience here today?

Sanya: 5 stars no 10 stars!

Dennis: We really appreciate it thanks for coming in if you ever need anything car wise please let us know we will be glad to help you.

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