Classic Cars- Our Specialty

Dennis Gives a Video Tour

Dennis: Hi, this is Dennis Goddard of Dennis Buys Cars. We are a buyer of Classic Cars, that’s what we do. And today I just wanted to give you an idea of the type of classic cars you can find here on any give occasion.

Let’s take a look around. Starting here, this is a work in progress, a 1955 T-bird that we bought from a gentleman in Las Vegas. The car was sitting there in his garage for 30 years! So this will get a full restoration and we will give you an update when it’s completed.

This little cutie, we just got from Utah, this was a 2 family owned car its a 1952 MGTG.

Right here we have a 1960 Thunderbird this was affectionately called the square bird by enthusiasts it was the model Thunderbird that came into existence right after this body style. and we have a couple of bikes too.

This is a 1968 BMW R60/2. This is another project here a 1980 Harley Davidson affectionately called the shovel-head because of the heads of the engine. Here we have a 1 owner 1972 MGB. this is a mark 3 which Is identified by the very cool 3 windshield wipers.

Moving right along we have an interesting one owner very low mileage second generation Camaro. This is a 78 Camaro one owner car 44,000 miles. Right behind you see a BMW 2002 this is a Tii and its also a one 2 owners and this will also get a full restoration and these are very desireble now especially the small taillights and as you can see the indetification badge the Tii. We also have a 51 Buick here that was brought to us by mistake. A lady had this a lady 95 years old had this parked in his garage for the past 30 years and we were lucky enough to purchase it. We have a 78 Mercedez, A 72 Torino and here is a 66 mustang it was given kind of a Shelby treatment. and moving right along another mustang. First lets look at our Dodge here.

We have a 48 Dodge that also came in from our website. Somebody was selling their car and they typed in sell my classic car and we pop up so that’s how we got this one. And also interestingly enough it was in the movie La Bamba. A lot of times movie companies will hire car dealers such as ourselves when they need cars, period correct cars for the back round of their movies. we have a customer here looking at our cars.

Here is a very interesting car, we have a 1966 Mustang one of the most popular of the most popular classic cars. This is a Plain Jane, 6 cylinder, no power steering, 3 speed on the floor you can see its very clean this is a very beautiful color combination and this car I bought it from a young man who’s grandmother died and that is how he came about to own this car and I said to him “Your grandmother drove a stick shift?” and he said “Oh yeah, everyday.” So anyway, thanks for stopping in and visiting. If you have classic cars that you want to sell, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help thanks this is Dennis and we’ll talk to you soon.

We Want Your Classic Cars!

We love Classic Cars! That is our specialty. We buy classic cars, trucks and Motorcycles of all types, ages and condition nationwide as well as right here in Los Angeles. If you have inherited a classic cars, have given up on a restoration project or just have classic cars for sale, let us know and we will help you determine what it is worth and pay you the highest possible amount.

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