Dennis is Now a New Car Broker!

What is a New Car Broker?

Some people just want a brand new car! There are some advantages to buying a new besides the obvious fact that you are going to have something brand new, shiny, perfect and untouched by human hands!

First of all, you are in charge. You don’t have to settle for a color you are not crazy about and you can basically “build you own car” by selecting only the options you want.

Also, with new cars you will get a better finance rate from the banks. So even if a used car is cheaper you could be being paying a greater amount in the way of a higher finance rate.

Plus, the only way to get a car with the most “up to date” technology both in safety and convenience is to buy a new car.

Just as we can make it easier for you by saving you valuable time and hassle when you are selling your used car, we can do the same for you if you are looking to buy a new car as your new car broker.

A new car broker is an entity that licensed by the State of California to sell cars. In the case of Dennis Buys Cars, we are a licensed and bonded California Dealer and within the structure of our license we are also able to act as a new car broker for new cars. We act as an intermediary between you and the dealership which can save you time, money and hassle.

We have been in the same location for 13 years and are professionals with much experience at buying and selling quality used cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles. We also specialize in buying, restoring and selling Classic Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles. We have entertaining video testimonials of happy customers and great Yelp reviews.

We are especially sensitive to the sensitive needs of women selling their cars who need to do so safely without having to deal with the risks of dealing with strangers.

In Christina’s case, she pretty much already decided exactly on the car she wanted right down to the options and color she was looking for. In her case an awesome 2016 BMW M4. After researching online herself for new cars and new car prices she found one and contacted the dealer. The new car dealership that had the car she wanted was not very helpful and told her that she had to pay full window sticker price and would not give her a discount or even a test drive! This is where she needed a new car broker.

Christina contacted Dennis Buys Cars, told us her situation and asked if we were a new car broker as well as sellers of used cars. We were able to find her the exact same car she wanted right down to the color and options of her original search. Plus, as a licensed California new car broker we were able to negotiate a $3,500 discount for her. We made an appointment for her the next day. The salesperson was prepared and courteous because with our advance help the dealership knew she was serious about buying this car. Soon after Christina was driving off in her new awesome, 2016 BMW M4!

Christina Needed a Trusted New Car Broker!

Dennis Goddard: So Christina, tell us about this car that you bought today.
Christina: It’s a 2016 BMW M4 and Dennis actually helped me set up the contact with the dealership with the price and helped me with the options I wanted.
Dennis: So this is a new car and Dennis Buys Cars is a used car dealership but in this particular case we acted as a new car broker for you and found the car that you liked.
Christina: Right.
Dennis: I understand that you did a search online for basically this car with the exact same options on your own and how does the car that we found for you compare to that one price wise? What were we able to do for you on the price?
Christina: So when I did it myself and looked at dealerships they told me there was no discount. Maybe because it was just me alone and they didn’t take me seriously and would not let me touch or test drive the car. At the dealership that Dennis found they treated me very nicely, they let me test drive the car and they treated me like a customer. I felt like I was being served. And Dennis negotiated the price, they gave me a $3,500 discount because he knew Dennis and that I was a serious about buying a car and they took me seriously.
Dennis: Tell it how it happened, you got ahold of Dennis and…
Christina: I told him what I wanted. I built an option online and I emailed it to him and he looked for similar cars and he sent an email back to me the very next day of a car along with the discount and asked if that was what I wanted. That’s how I got the car.
Dennis: So tell us about when you went to the dealership.
Christina: So I went over, I looked at the car and it was exactly what I wanted. It had a few extra stuff and that was great too. I talked to him and he asked me if I wanted to try it out, we trust you. We know that you want to buy it. I liked, went back the next day with a cashier’s check and everything went smoothly.
Dennis: Were you surprised at how fast this car is?
Christina: Yeah, it was. The power of it is completely different from what I had before.
Dennis: So how would you rate Dennis as a new car broker for you in this car?
Christina: A ten out of five!

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