I told Google “Sell My Van”

Dennis Buys Vans Too!

Darn, we almost forgot about the “red headed stepchild” of motor vehicles. Vans! Yep, people like ’em, people need ’em, people buy ’em and people need to sell ’em!

Dennis Buys Cars is a convenient, quick and hassle free method to sell your cars, truck, motorcycle, SUV and yes, even vans!

Avoid the hassle, risk and even danger of selling your car privately. There are all kinds of problems associated with selling your car on Craigslist. Once you place your ad the headache only just begins. Idiots will call you at all hours. Then you adjust your busy schedule to meet them and they don’t even show up! Having a total stranger test drive your car is never fun and having someone unfamiliar know where you live is never advisable.

If you are a woman selling your car avoid the potential risk of meeting strangers and people you don’t know having your cel phone #, forever.

Dennis Buys Cars is a local, public place of business which has been in the same location since 2003. We are a safe and friendly place to visit and sell your car. There are no long waiting lines and we can have you out of here, cash in hand within fifteen minutes.

When you do an online search for “sell my van” or “sell my car”, truck, SUV or motorcycle our name will pop up and we even answer the phone! We give you an approximate of what we could pay when you call and set up an appointment that is convenient to you. Bring the car in, we look it over, take a quick test drive and make you an offer. If you accept we pay you in the manner of your choice and even drive you home in a complimentary Uber or Lyft car. We buy or car strictly “AS-IS”, meaning you are done and nothing can come back to haunt you. It’s that easy!

Dennis Buys Cars now has a division called Dennis Buys Classic Cars. We will buy your classic car, Classic Truck or Classic Motorcycle and save you the hassle and time of selling it yourself. We also have a fine selection of Classic Cars for Sale.

We now are licensed and bonded California motorcycle dealer as well. We will buy your bike and we also have a nice selection of bikes for sale.

We pay the highest price in town and beat all written offers including CARMAX. If you can’t find the title, no problem. If you still owe money it, we can handle the payoff for you and adjust it towards what we pay you. If it won’t pass smog or if the registration is expired, that’s OK, we can still buy it. In all cases we release your liability on the spot through our authorized DMV link so you have complete peace of mind.

Our Yelp reviews are great and we have tons of fun videos that were taken the moment people like you have sold their cars to us. Check out our inventory of cars for sale.

“I Need to Sell My Van!”

Dennis Goddard: So Benny.

Benny: Hey.

Dennis: Tell us about your experience here at Dennis Buys Cars.Com.

Benny: I came by because Dennis had a great web page and I got the feeling that I would be treated well and that I would get a good deal to sell my van. And besides, it’s on the Westside. Dennis is a gentleman, he knows what he is talking about, gives a straight deal. I came here and had my deal cut to sell my van within a few minutes. I was very happy.

Dennis: Benny, could you tell us a little about the car you sold today and why you sold it.

Benny: I sold a 1998 Ford van, a beautiful Club Wagon. I didn’t want to sell it, but I had to sell it. He gave me a fair value for it. He showed me where he had to make improvements so he could make it safe for the next guy. I felt like he was giving me the straight dope.

Dennis: Could you tell us how you found us.

Benny: I told Google I wanted to sell my van. I looked at Autotrader, I looked a couple of other website to sell my van. He was in the neighborhood, he seemed like a guy that was tied to the business so I responded to sell my van. I was looking for a person to person thing and that is why I responded.

Sell My Van