We Inherited a Classic Porsche 911

Mom’s Classic Porsche

You are here because you love classic cars like I do. Maybe you have a classic Porsche or another classic car that you need to sell. Selling any car is difficult enough but selling a classic car is a slightly different animal and we can help!

First of all the classic car market is way smaller compared to selling a mainstream vehicle like Honda or a Toyota. So let’s say it’s time to sell your pride and joy; a 1966 Chevelle for example, then you have to target a very specific group of prospective buyers who want classic cars to sell your car.

You need an expert in classic cars, trucks and motorcycles and that is where we come in. We have a network of buyers both national and worldwide. So when we place a new classic vehicle on our current inventory list our preferred customers see it.

We Make Selling Your Classic Car Easy

Dennis Buys Cars and Dennis Buys Classic Cars can save you the time and hassle of sifting through the tire kickers. There are other concerns as well. Nobody likes strangers coming to your house and snooping around. And nobody likes the white knuckle experience of having someone test drive your car.

Plus, with strangers, getting paid safely can be a challenge. You cannot accept any kind of a check. Even a legitimate cashier’s check can be stopped the next morning and your car is long gone. We have the answers to all your questions and will make the process safe and hassle free.

In addition we are conveniently located and we are local. We have been in the same spot, 8931 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. 90034 for fifteen years. So it is only natural that when people are driving by they will see a car displayed similar to the one that they own. This could be a classic Porsche or a classic Mustang and it is only logical that when they want to sell theirs they come to us.

Another way people find us is through word of mouth. We have bought and sold thousands of classic cars here in Los Angeles and all over the world. Word gets around! When someone has a good experience selling their classic car here they tell their friends.

At Dennis Buys Classic Cars, we find our cars in many different ways but perhaps the most common way people find us is through the good old Internet. If someone types in: “Sell my classic Porsche”, “Sell my classic car” or something of that nature we will be on the first page of search results.

Did You Inherit a Classic Car?

Many times classic cars are left to family members by someone who has passed on. If you have inherited a classic car, truck or motorcycle and really don’t know where to start, the best thing to do is call us. We are experts in this scenario. We will evaluate your car, make you a fair offer, pay you safely and handle all the paperwork. All in one visit.

There are many reasons to sell your car to a dealer. Avoid the risks and hassle of selling your classic car on your own. We will make it quick and easy, get it done in fifteen minutes and even Uber you home!

But if you do want to give it a shot on your own we have written a handy guide to show you all the steps you need to take to protect yourself.

Furthermore, WE LOVE MOTORCYCLES! So if you have a motorcycle you want to sell, we will buy it.

We have great Yelp reviews, are a current member in good standing with the Better Business BureauBetter Business Bureau and have hundreds of fun videos to watch from our thousands of satisfied customers.

Dennis Goes Into the Field to Buy This Classic Porsche

Dennis Goddard: So guys, tell us this story about this classic Porsche. Where did you get it and how long have you had it?

Male: My mom bought it around 6 years ago and we inherited it after her passing.

Dennis: Ah, I see okay.  Obviously it was inherited to you, and it was something maybe you guys didn’t feel that you wanted and it was time to maybe part with it? SO what do we have here? Whats the year, make, and model?

Aramis: A 1982 Porsche 911SC.

Dennis: Right, awesome, wow, great. So did she let you drive it?

Christian: yeah yeah yeah

Dennis: Oh great. Why did you guys decide to sell it to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Aramis: Uh it was taking too long. People weren’t coming through with the money. Were just ready to get rid of it.

Christian: Plus a dealer seems more reliable than like a purchaser or random person you find on craigslist or what not.

Dennis: Right. So a dealer obviously you can check them out before you even come look at the car, etc. And who was it that did the search? Who found us?

Aramis: I did!

Dennis: Okay great. Aramis, do you remember what it was that you typed in when you found Dennis buys classic cars?

Aramis: Selling classic Porsche California.

Dennis: Selling classic Porsche California. Well I’ll tell you what, it worked. We found you, and thank you very much, we really appreciate it.

Classic Porsche