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How To Sell Your Inherited Classic Car

Inheriting a classic car or cars can be a daunting experience and especially difficult if you have no preparation. Suddenly a family member passes away and you can be left with a very difficult task.

Inherited cars fall into two categories, running and non running condition. Let’s start with the most difficult; non-running, incomplete projects or cars that have been sitting neglected for many years. Let’s say your father or grandfather was working on this car for many years and maybe fell ill or lost interest. You need an expert to appraise the current condition of the car, its value and how much will be need to complete the project and make it sellable.

Running and driving cars are easier to appraise but also have their challenges. In the case  of JJ’s and Susan’s 1958 Chevrolet Impala there were major, modern modifications done to it and this car would be referred to as a “RestoMod“.

I Needed Someone to Buy My Classic Car

While these changes can be very well done and quite expensive they don’t necessarily match up to the dreams of a prospective buyer and this must be taken into consideration when determine the value of this classic car.

Either way when you have such a responsibility thrown in your lap you need the help of a professional and that is where Dennis Buys Cars comes in. Dennis Buys Cars and its division Dennis Buys Classic Cars is a licensed and bonded California dealer. We have been in the same location for fifteen years and have fast become the destination point in Los Angeles for the buying and selling of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles as well as late model cars, trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles.

If you need to sell you classic car, we will evaluate it, answer all your questions and we will buy it with the least amount of hassle. Even if you just want to know what it’s worth we have certified appraisers on site and can verify authenticity and market value. Also, we buy motorcycles!

We Will Buy Your Classic Car With No Hassle and Pay the Highest Price

Avoid the risks and hassles of attempting to sell your classic car privately. You don’t need unlicensed time wasters, strangers and lowballers knowing where you live. Most hazardous are “Curbstoners“. These are unscrupulous unlicensed dealers or flippers who never put the car in their name and your title can be passed from one person to another and you would be liable for any illegality that may occur.

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Dennis Goddard: Here we have JJ and Susan. Tell us about this car you’re selling today.

JJ: This was my dad’s car and he bought it because he is a classic car guy. When he passed away I inherited this car now I need someone to Buy My Classic Car. I love this car, however I don’t feel like I’m the right person to keep this car and keep it going and everything like that.

Dennis: That’s very common when people inherit cars from their love ones. They don’t necessarily have the same passion and they are kind of burdened with this decision to make. This is something that we deal with quite often at Dennis Buys Classic Cars. So, what do we have here? The year, make and model.

JJ: This is a 1958 Chevrolet Impala, an American Graffiti car. It is really sweet, it’s tricked out, my dad took really good care of it, and my dad loved it.

Dennis: We see that! The engine is the Tri-power right?

(Sound of Fireworks in the background)

Dennis: Wow!! That’s what happens when is around 4th of July.

Susan: Yes, this car is a symbol of the Americana, which is why the fireworks are going off right now. This is an American Classic at its finest, with the fireworks, right?

Dennis: Very true, we will try to fight our way through this background noise. Guys, why did you decide to sell through a dealer as suppose to selling it privately?

Susan: Do you want to field that one?

JJ: Susan: We were lost, right? It was really overwhelming; because we didn’t know enough other than that we love these cars. We love looking at this car. We love going to the Peterson Museum like one time a year. Other than that we don’t know anything about them, we are certainly not prepared to make this long term investment of coming out monthly and to Buy My Classic Car.

JJ/Susan: Yeah!!!

Susan: So, we were driving it, and we need it some help. We were not at the level of expertise to like sell it independently, cause we weren’t sure what we would get if somebody answer that ad.  We wouldn’t know if that was a good deal or not a good deal. We wouldn’t know even what to ask for quite honestly.

JJ: I think everybody is full of advice, so we were stepping in to learn how to sell it and everybody has a different way to Buy My Classic Car.

Dennis: And they mean well, but they all give you different information and it’s hard to decipher.

JJ: It’s overwhelming and as a result they just kind of sit there with the car cover because nobody wants to deal with it.

Susan: We had a lot of people coming and say, we will give you this amount, but we need like to make payments and things like that. We are not a bank, and literally even my dentist wanted to Buy My Classic Car, so it just got to the point where we needed it to find like a reliable way to sell the car where we knew that whatever happens we are in good hands.  Reputable, not some random person coming to our house that we don’t know. We just wanted you to be on the up and up and kind work with us because again we were not sure what we were doing.

Dennis: Right! Now, I know that you guys were shopping around, talking to other dealers.

Susan: We were! We were cheating on you from the get go.

Dennis: I’m not going to be upset about that, but I will ask you this question. When we finally made a deal, how did we compare to the other prices that you were getting.

JJ: I think you came in fair for both parties. We understood what you need it and you understood what we need it and I think we came to an agreement where everybody was really happy.

Susan: But I think we also…,I don’t know if you want to add this part out, but we really liked you and knew you would Buy My Classic Car!

Dennis: That’s fine, we leave that in!

Susan: Ok. I don’t know if this has nothing to do with it, but I was trying to explain like, I called people, I wanted someone to Buy My Classic Car, some people called me back with offers, but they didn’t want to even discuss. You know we had a couple of other cars and the funniest thing was when you called me and you were like, what year are these different cars? And I was trying to like tell you, but I had no idea. Then you said: “Lady, whose cars are these?” Which completely cracked me up!

I just feel like that was perfect. I like laugh, I think I was at work and I just stopped and I laugh, like exactly, I sound like I had no clue, no, I’m like no, I have the titles in my car, but personality, just the fact that you were willing to work with us, that you also didn’t pressure us the first time, like this is it and walk away. We felt that you were accessible, we kept like a dialog email/text messaging and you let us take some time going through our options and I will say that the other options might have had more benefit monetarily, but it didn’t have the fact of, can you just came and get them right now? Take off our hands by this time tonight and we don’t even have to worry about it. The other folks couldn’t guarantee that.

At the end of the day, we didn’t go for the most outrageous amount, we were more like, let’s have you come, take care of all the paper work, take care of it, get them out of the driveway because they been seating here for a while and I just needed someone to Buy My Classic Car. So that pushes over the edge right. It was personality plus, it’s a full package deal.

Dennis: That’s a good combination.

JJ: I also felt really comfortable that you were going to actually care about the cars, not go crush then somewhere or chop them up.

Dennis: We will take good care of this car, because I love old cars, that’s why I do this.

Susan: We don’t want them crushed somewhere.

Dennis: I promised you, we are not going to crush this beauty.

Susan: Right! We want somebody else to like appreciate it and go drive it to like a drive in and have a cheeseburger with somebody on roller skates.

Dennis: Right!

Susan: In memory of my father in law.

Dennis: With the tray in the window and all.

Susan: Yes, with the tray and the whole thing and the hat in memory of our father in law.

Dennis: Take it to a driver with the speaker hooked to the window.

JJ: Somebody with roller skates delivering my french fries, that would be awesome!

Susan: Right! At the end of the day, I feel like you can get in the hands of somebody that will love it as much as my father in law/her father, that will take care of it and not just leave it in the back yard to be discovered 30 years later when they find us.

Dennis: We promise! One last question. How did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars?

Susan: That would be online searching for Buy My Classic Car.

JJ: She is an amazing internet researcher and she found you online.

Dennis: So you did a Google search for Buy My Classic Car?

Susan: I did a Google search, your name came up, but I’ll be honest, other people came out. What I did is that I kept like a data analysis sheet of the day that I sent a question card, the day that I got a call back and what I liked about your website, which I was glad you were the one that called back within the time frame promised. Your website had a lot of other information. Not just like, Im going to come buy your car cause this is my business. It was like this is what we offer and we kind of new upfront this was more like the guy we are looking for.

JJ; I have to say that she talked about you for about 2 weeks before I think I finally got to meet you.

Susan: I must say it was really nice to see your photo on there and then have you actually show up, that was like..

Dennis: And I sort of look like that right?

Susan: Actually you look younger than the guy on the website, so I dont know what you been doing. That was really nice too, because you don’t want to talk to some guy and have somebody else show up. I was like, do you look like your picture? You were like, I think so! Then when you showed up, you completely do, so what you see is what you get. And we just want to have honest fair deal because this is a mystery for a lot of people.

Dennis: Thank you, I appreciate that. Now do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did the search?

Susan: Buy my classic car or something like that.

Dennis: Buy My Classic Car?

Susan: Take or buy my classic car…something like that.

Dennis: Susan thank you, JJ thank you and we will take it to the next level and find a good home. I think is going to be in my drive way for a while.

JJ: Thats good.

Susan: That’s ok, cause I know a list you probably will take better care of it than we’ve done. Sorry, sorry…

Dennis: Thank you very much, we really appreciated.

Susan/JJ: Thank you.

Buy My Classic Car