Sell My Porsche Boxster

I love this 2001 Porsche Boxster but I already have a sports car so I have to say goodbye. I’m moving and it’s Los Angeles and finding parking in the city, even though it’s so big it can be very very expensive. Also one sports car and one regular car is enough for me. Two sports cars and a regular car’s too much. So I’m selling my Porsche and say goodbye to my baby here. Sad day but I hope it goes to a good home.

I bought this car at Dennis Buys Cars which is also their website, They keep it updated with the cars on the lot and it’s on Venice Blvd. between National and Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles. I’ve had nothing but a good experience here with Dennis and his staff and the guy’s the real deal.

I bicycle by here everyday and saw this Porsche and thought, “How come no one is buying this fantastic car, it’s such a good deal,” It’s clean and it’s been sitting here, probably for about 3 weeks and all I had was this Toyota pick-up truck from 1986 and I needed a sports car and I said I want it, as long as its clean and in good shape, I want it.

Dennis: So what happened? How come you’re selling it?

Thayer: I bought another car from Dennis at It was an 1981 corvette and that’s really the car that I should have. It’s a complete gas guzzler, awesome American muscle car, beautiful shape. Classic. Classic. Classic. And I’ve just been driving that ever since. I only really drove this because you have to drive the car every week or so just to keep the juices flowing. I did that for too long. So I said keeping two sports cars is way too much. So I thought “I need to sell my car” and sold it back to Dennis. Dennis gave me a good deal and treated me fair.

Dennis: Ok so here’s the final question, when do I get a chance to buy back the classic 1981 Corvette?

Thayer: Absolutely never. Never. Never. Never. Instead of having a casket, they’re gonna bury me in that thing so you’ll have to dig it up.

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