Vintage Car Consignment

We Love Classic Cars andTrucks!

Looking to sell a Classic Car? There are two ways to sell a Classic Car, Truck or Motorcycle. The first is the most obvious and that of course is for cash. Call us and make an appointment. We can either come to you if the car is not running or you can bring it to us. We will examine your car, determine its worth and make you an offer. We then pay you in cash or whatever manner you like and we can even get you home in a nice new, shiny Uber car.The result is that you have sold your car easily, safely and quickly with zero hassle.

Selling a Classic Car on your own is not that simple. The market for Classic Cars is way smaller than the average car market. Classic Car registration only represents about 8% of total registrations in the United States so you are appealing to a much smaller field of finicky buyers. Plus Classic Cars have peculiarities that the average Honda or Toyota might not have; maybe it isn’t running right or it might be an unfinished project obviously making test drives tricky.

Also, you are a busy person. Selling any car is time consuming. First you have to decide how much to ask for it and that is not as simple as you think. Now is the time to be realistic. The most common mistake is to go online, find the nicest one you can find that is the same year, make and model as yours and price it similarly to what they are asking. What people ask for and what they get are two different things. When you price your car too high it will just “sit” which not only is a time-waster but will make your car “stale” in the marketplace.  Viewers will pass it by even when and if you lower your price.

The trick is too price it just under the market so that it will stand out to prospective buyers. This is where you need experts with the proper knowledge of Vintage Car Consignment like Dennis Buys Classic Cars to find the strategy that is best for you.

Next, you have to clean it up, take pictures, write compelling ad copy, place an ad in Craigslist or some other forum and deal with idiots calling you. Then they make appointments, you wait around and they don’t even show up or call!

Sell Your Classic Car Using Our Vintage Car Consignment Program

Our Vintage Car Consignment program is the second method. Again, we examine your car to see its condition and what its worth. Then we decide on an amount that you would receive for your car once we sell it. We then market it on your behalf using our resources which include displaying at our established location here on Venice Blvd., Craigslist, our International buyers list and eBay. When we sell it through our Vintage Car Consignment program, you get the agreed upon price. It’s that simple.

We buy Classic Cars, Trucks and motorcycles. We are a licensed and bonded California dealer #60055. We have been at the same location for thirteen years now and going strong. We have great reviews on Yelp and tons of fun videos and testimonials for you to check out.

Are you looking to sell a late model car, truck, SUV or motorcycle?

Dennis Buys Cars can help.

Also, we late model vehicles  and a growing selection of Classic Cars too!

Dennis Goddard: So Joe tell us about this truck you’re selling today?

Joe: 1963 Ford F-100 I’ve had it for about 2 years and a change in life means a great thing for Dennis.

Dennis: So what happened? What was the change in life?

Joe: I’m changing jobs. So the poor pickup just sat on the street now someone is gonna get a chance to love it and drive it.

Dennis: So that’s why you’re selling it?

Joe: Very much so.

Dennis: You have another car to drive?

Joe: I will have another one shortly.

Dennis: Ok soon as we go to the bank and cash the check.

Joe: There we go.

Dennis: So Joe. tell us why you decided to sell your truck to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Joe: So it took me 45 minutes to get here and 8 minutes to strike a deal. I’m leaving 20 minutes later with a check you cant beat it. I don’t want weirdos at my house, Dennis is straight up Vintage Car Consignment so there we go.

Dennis: So how did you find Dennis?

Joe: I did an online search for vintage car consignment.

Dennis: Ok so you typed in vintage car consignment.

Joe: You picked up on the third ring.

Dennis: Awesome great we even answer the phone! So what was the best part of the transaction today?

Joe: Leaving with a big fat check in my hand and learning about Vintage Car Consignment.

Dennis: We really appreciate it thank you so much for coming in.

Vintage Car Consignment