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The Dennis Buys Cars empire continues to grow. Dennis Goddard first opened doors on January 1, 2000 in Venice Beach, California. He first specialized in affordable, everyday transportation cars that wouldn’t break the bank. “Everything Under $4,995!” was the company slogan. Business is always brisk in the buying and selling of cars in this price range. This philosophy was an instant success and soon thirty cars a month were being sold from a small lot that only held less than thirty cars!

Soon, some bargains on some really good cars came along that were slightly more than $4,995 so of course some slightly higher priced cars, trucks and  SUVs started to show up on the lot and to this day most vehicles are under 15K retail. Still very affordable by today’s standards.

Then, because of Dennis Goddard’s love for old cars, the occasional old Mustang or Camaro started showing up. The rest is history as they say and now Buying Classic Cars represent the major portion here at Dennis Buys Cars and now Dennis Buys Classic Cars.

Next on the list is motorcycles! It’s Southern California where you can ride all year long. Who doesn’t love motorcycles? Check out our growing selection of bikes of all types. Also, we will buy that bike that you just aren’t riding anymore. Just type in: Sell Motorcycle Los Angeles.

Dennis Buys Cars is where you can sell your car of any make and model no matter how old or new safely, quickly at the highest dollar possible. There are SIX REASONS why you should sell your car to a dealer as opposed to going through the hassle of trying to sell it privately. Get the information you need to make the correct decision. We are experts at literally anything with wheels and will buy it today, pay you in cash on the spot and even drive you home if you want in a shiny new Uber or Lyft car.

If you are a woman selling your car there are particular risks that apply to you. Don’t take the chance of dealing with strangers and knowing where you live. It’s easier and safer to sell it to us and save yourself the hassle.

Be sure to check out our inventory of newer model cars, trucks and SUVs. As well as our Motorcycles and Classic Cars.

This is our thirteenth year in business and have thousands of people just like yourself that have bought and sold from us over the years. Check out our fun videos and reviews on Yelp.

Brett Typed in: “Sell Motorcycle Los Angeles”


Dennis: So today we have Tiffany and Bret and guys tell us about the car you’re selling today?

Tiffany: This is my baby before I have this baby.

Dennis: Wait a second that’s your baby!

Tiffany: No this is my old baby that I’m having a hard time letting go my VW Rabbit but I feel she’s in good hands with Dennis.

Dennis: So what’s the year make and model?

Tiffany: Its a 2007 VW Rabbit.

Dennis: Ok great, and did you buy it new?

Tiffany: I bought it new.

Dennis: Great, Tell us Bret why did you decide to sell it?

Bret: Were getting a bigger car so that the baby is safe. This car has done its job.

Tiffany: It has been very good to me.

Dennis: So you can fit the new family?

Tiffany: Yes, exactly

Dennis: So tell us why you decided to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Bret: Well you don’t have to deal with a lot of strangers. You have to make sure you get paid.

Tiffany: It’s time efficient

Bret: Both of us are professionals and neither of us have time and makes things a lot easier.

Dennis: Great, now I understand you went to CarMax before you came to us
Tiffany: Yes

Dennis:And how did the price we paid compare to CarMax?

Bret: it was higher!

Dennis: How did you find Dennis at Dennis buys cars?

Tiffany: You found Dennis online.

Bret: I found Dennis on Yelp.

Dennis: On Yelp ok great so do you remember what was it that you typed in when you did the online search?

Bret : I believe I was actually looking to Sell Motorcycle Los Angeles. I saw Dennis then we were looking to sell this one and I figured we will give you a call.

Dennis: Do you remember what you typed in when you wanted to sell the motorcycle?
Bret: Sell motorcycle Los Angeles.

Dennis: Sell motorcycle Los Angeles.
Tiffany: Simple enough.

Dennis: Well, Sell Motorcycle Los Angeles, it lead you here we really appreciate it and good luck with your new addition.

Sell Motorcycle Los Angeles