Who Buys Motorcycles?

Save the Time and Hassle of Selling Yourself

OK, here’s the deal. You have a bike that you need to get rid of and you have two choices; you can sell it privately or you can sell it to a dealer who buys motorcycles. Let’s examine both options, shall we?

First let’s talk about selling your bike privately with the risks, time and hassle involved. When you place an ad on Craiglist or any other forum you are open game for all types of undesirables.

There will be outright scammers that will try to get your motorcycle free through several payment scams and dishonest shipping schemes. Next will be lowballers who will never put your motorcycle in their name. These are known as “curbstoners” who will flip your bike to another buyer. This could happen several times with your title floating around and your could be liable for parking tickets, moving violations or worse if your motorcycle was used in the commission of a crime.

Also, selling a motorcycle is different than selling a car regarding a test drive. There is no way you should let a total stranger take your bike for test ride. And, I am sure you are not going to want to jump on the back and go with him!

We Pay You Safely and Release Your Liability on the Spot

Consequently, the main issues for selling your motorcycle are getting paid safely and having your liability released properly. We will pay you in whatever manner makes you most comfortable whether it be cashier’s check, company check or green cash. Your liability will be released online through our authorized DMV link the moment we conclude the transaction. Plus, as an added convenience, we will Uber you home free of charge!

Dennis Buys Cars and Motorcycles is a licensed and bonded California dealer and have been at the same location since 2003 and three. We deal in Classic Cars, Late Model Luxury, SUVs, Trucks and of course our favorite…..Motorcycles.

In closing, save yourself the time, hassle and risks involved by selling privately and sell your motorcycle to us. Check out our great reviews on Yelp and testimonials from folks just like you.

Another good idea is to check out our current inventory of Classic Cars and Motorcycles for sale. When it comes time to sell your motorcycle, sell it to us, we will make it quick and easy, promise!

Listen in as Dennis Buys a Harley Fresh Back from Sturgis.

Dennis Goddard: We have Mike here from Australia.

Make: Hi.

Dennis: Tell us about this motorcycle that you are selling today.

Mike: It’s a 2008 Harley-Davidson Softail. We bought it for Sturgis and we’re heading back to Australia in a couple of days. We Googled because we needed someone Who Buys Motorcycles, we found you on Google and brought it here to sell it and you made me a good offer.

Dennis: So you bought this bike to go to Sturgis, you rode it there and now you’re selling it to go back home:

Mike: Yes.

Dennis: How about I hold on to it for a year and you can buy it again when you come back next year.

Mike: Sounds good to me. Put a cover on it and I’ll buy back next year.

Dennis: So Mike, why did you decide to sell it to a dealer as opposed to selling privately?

Mike: It’s easy. We are leaving in a couple of days, we just wanted the cash and then we’re outta here.

Dennis: How did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars and Motorcycles?

Mike: On Google. I Googled “Who buys motorcycles” in this area.

Dennis: Great, so you Googled “Who buys motorcycles” and found us.

Mike: Yes.

Dennis: So Mike what was the best part of the transaction today?

Mike: The cash.

Dennis: Great so where is it?

Mike: In the wife’s pocket.

Dennis: Mike, thanks a lot. Hopefully we can see you next year when you come back!

Who Buys Motorcycles