Fahad Searched “Who is Buying Cars?”

A Safe and Friendly Place to Sell Your Car

OK, here is your situation. You are from another country. You are here for school or a work assignment and now it is time to go back home.

First of all, the problem is you have a very nice car that you need to sell first and of course you don’t want to give it away. You need to find a safe and reliable company that is buying cars in Los Angeles.

Dennis Buys Cars is just that place. We are an established, licensed and bonded California dealer that has been in the same location since 2003. We are a buyer of all types of vehicles especially high end luxury cars, SUVs, classic cars and even motorcycles.

We are the Experts at Buying Cars in Los Angeles

Furthermore, our company is the solution to your needs. First, call all us and we will give you an approximate range of what we can pay. We then set an appointment for an on site evaluation of your car. We determine the fair market value of your car and make you an offer.

In addition, if you have already been to CARMAX, bring the quote and 99% of the time we can beat it. The difference we pay in cash and CARMAX does not. They will take your car and give you a draft that will not clear for ten business days.

We Make it Easy, Quick and Even UBER you Home!

Also, we will pay you in whatever manner makes you comfortable, company check, cashier’s check, cash or will go to the bank together and do a direct transfer. Then we will UBER you wherever you need to go free of charge!

Most of all, avoid the risks and uncertainties of trying to sell it on your own and the extra time it takes dealing with unpredictable strangers. This is especially relevant if you are a woman selling your car. We will make it quick and easy with no hassle. We are the expert in buying cars of all types and have helped thousands of people just like you. We assure you that your experience with us will be a pleasant one.

We sell cars, classic cars and motorcycles too. Take a look at our  current inventory, there might be something there that you like.

Finally, check out our Yelp reviews!

Fahad Talks About Dennis Buys Cars in English and Arabic!

Dennis Goddard: So Fahad, tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Fahad: It’s a 2014 Land Rover Sport, it’s in excellent condition.

Dennis: Nice!

Fahad: The best offer I got was from Dennis. I heard about it and I started searching for the location of Dennis Buys Cars.

To be honest with you guys, this was an excellent experience. We are happy to deal with you guys and I’ve already recommend to my friends and for me, for anything in the future, either buy or sell.

It was a quick service, we didn’t get delay here, we just finished everything quick. They took us to the bank with their own car, they waited for us, we completed all the paper work, and we got the money within one hour service.

Dennis: Now, how did you hear about us, did you find us online?

Fahad: Actually I heard the name and started searching, cause some people they say the name but they don’t know the location, or they are not familiar with google stuff.

Dennis: Right!

Fahad: I started searching, I called yesterday, they answered the phone, Dennis said the range of the price, from, to, but you need to come over to see the experts, for the inspection.

Dennis: So, did we fit within that range that we talked about?

Fahad: Yes it was in that range, and you were very flexible, you were very serious about buying cars. It was very quick.

Dennis: Great! Do you remember what it was that you typed in Fahad when you did the search?

Fahad: Best…I want to sell my car for the best offer, something like this, or best offer for buying cars. Anyway, best offer for buying cars was it.

Dennis: Ok Farah. Maybe you can say a few words for our Arabic speaking friends, if they are looking to sell their cars.

Fahad: Yes, sure!! (Speaking Arabic)

Dennis: Fantastic!!

Fahad: Thank you so much!

Dennis: Thank you so much and next time you need help, car-wise, your friends, let us know.

Fahad: Sure, I will recommend to all my friends.

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