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Dennis Buys a Rare Mercedes 280SL

First of all, if you are a lover of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles like us then we are sure you will appreciate this gem that we have unearthed today. Dennis Buys Cars is always on the prowl for ultra rarities to affordable classics and everything in between.

In the world of Antique and Classic Cars there are fewer cars that are as well known or as recognizable as the classic Mercedes Benz 280SL. This classic body style made its debut in 1963 and was a welcome transition from the previous model which was the stylish but anemic 190SL. The model continued until 1971 and was replaced by the 450SL body style in 1972.

Few Cars More Beautiful Than a Pagoda

Furthermore, had a powerful overhead cam straight six, modernized suspension and great brakes. All SL’s of this era had a distinctive growl when accelerating that was accentuated even more when the top was down. The car was a real performer compared to its predecessor and was an immediate top seller.

SL’s have always been known as Mercedes’ top of the line and as such they were a very expensive available only to the privileged few. Therefore, because prices for these cars have soared for these cars in recent years, that remains true to this day.

Dennis Buys Classic Cars Loves Rarities

Dennis Buys Classic Cars was honored to have acquired the fine 1971 280SL that is featured here today. ’71 was the last and most desirable year for this series because of various improvements. As a result it is rare that an example of this quality and originality comes on the market.

Due to some complexities that can arise, when it comes time to sell your Antique and Classic Cars, let us handle it. We accomplish this in two ways.

We Make it Safe, Quick and Easy

The first, easiest and quickest method to sell your classic car would be a straight cash purchase. Give us a call and we will discuss the year, make and model of your classic car. We will talk about its condition, options and drivability status.

At Dennis Buys Classic Cars, we understand that it maybe something that can be driven everyday or perhaps it is a car that has been sitting covered in the garage for twenty years and will need obvious attention.

We will then give you a range of what we can pay and arrange for you to bring it to us or if need be, we can come to you. Then we make you an offer and if you accept we can pay you in whatever manner makes you comfortable whether it be cashier’s check, company check or even green cash can be arranged.

We Can Market it For You

The next method would be consignment. In this manner, first we agree upon a price that you will receive for your car. We then create a simple written agreement stating that we will display your car at our high visibility location, advertise it on our website, Craigslist, eBay etc.

When we sell it you get the agreed upon price and Dennis Buys Classic Cars keeps anything above that. Because we don’t have to outlay any cash prior to the sale, this is a way for you to realize considerably more for your car.

Consequently, either way you can be assured that we will handle it safely, professionally with no hassle on your part. There is no need to deal with the unpredictable public. This company is a licensed and bonded California dealer, we deal exclusively in Antique and Classic Cars and have been at the same location since 2003. We pay you safely and release your liability so nothing can come back to you.

Don’t Risk Deal With Strangers on Craigslist

Most noteworthy, if you have inherited a classic car maybe it doesn’t fit in your lifestyle. Or maybe you don’t even know where to start. Give us a call if you have inherited a classic car at 310-253-9977 and we can help steer you in the right direction.

Dennis Buys Cars has recently expanded into motorcycles. Selling a motorcycle on your own is a special challenge. First of all, there is no way for you to go along on a test drive such as you can with a car. There are also liability issues of the prospective buyer does not have an M1 license. Let us buy your bike, we will make it quick and easy. Ride it here, we will buy your motorcycle and Uber you home for free!

Finally, be sure to check us out! We have great Google reviews as well as many testimonials and Yelp reviews. Take a look at our Videos and cars for sale!

Dr. Alban Sells His 280Sl to Dennis

Dennis Goddard: Doctor, tell us about this car that you’re selling, what’s the year, make and model?

Alban: It’s a 280SL, I bought it in 1971 when I was a resident in Kaiser Sunset in Hollywood. I had it since but didn’t drive it very much and it has not many miles. I kept it in real good shape.

Dennis: I can see that.

Alban: I’ve been happy with it all along, but now I want to get rid of it because my leg gets stiff due to Diabetes Neuropathy. I can’t drive it, that’s why I want to sell it.

Time To Sell It

Dennis: The car is a 1971 and you bought it in 1971.

Alban: Right.

Dennis: So you were a young doctor then right?

Alban: Yes

Dennis: How old were you?

Alban: 34

Dennis: This was an expensive car to buy in 1971.

Alban: Yes

Dennis: Do you have any good memories with driving the car?

Alban: Yes, my only memory is that I was driving 110 miles p/hour in Las Vegas, I was trying it out. The police pulled me over and he says: ” Hi I had trouble catching up with you, but I’m going to cite you at 80 miles an hour because otherwise the judge in Boston is a women and she will throw you in jail.” Then I called Tim Early who is with AAA, he is a good friend of mine. He called the judge and got me off with a $55 dollars plus an apology.

Dennis: Wow, that’s great. So doctor, why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer as oppose to selling it privately?

Leo Typed in Antique and Classic Cars

Alban: Well, are you a dealer?

Dennis: Yes sir.

Alban: I didn’t know, I thought you were private. It didn’t make any difference as long as I sell it.

Dennis: Right, great! So, how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Alban: That’s you?

Dennis: Yes.

Alban: I found you through Leo.

Dennis: Leo, come on in. How you doing Leo?

Leo: How you doing guys?

Dennis: Great! So, how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Leo: I did my research. I went on the website, looked you up, I see all the events that you do for people, did some more research and figure I’ll give you a call and get an idea of what we can do.

Dennis: I’m glad you did.

We Can Come To You

Leo: I’m glad that everything worked out between you and Alban and everybody is pretty much happy.

Dennis: So, you found us online.

Leo: Correct.

Dennis: Do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did the search Leo?

Leo: I did research for Antique and Classic Cars. One of the main thing that popped up right away was you were one of the top five. I started doing research on all five of you guys and for some reason I had a good feeling about you and called you.

Dennis: So, you typed in Antique and Classic Cars?

Leo: Yes, Antique and Classic Cars.

Dennis: Great! Guys, thank you very much, we really appreciated. It was a lot of fun and we’ll find a good home for it.

Leo: No problem, any time.

Alban: I hope you enjoy those Antique and Classic Cars. I enjoyed then very much, specially the Mercedes Benz.

Dennis: We’ll take good care of it.

Alban: The T-Bird is also a very good car.

Dennis: Thank you for all three, we really appreciate it.


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