Dennis Launches Classic Cars on KNX 1070

Radio Advertising Works!

Finally, you can hear Dennis’ friendly voice telling you he wants to buy your Classic Cars on KNX 1070. Since 2003 Dennis Goddard of Dennis Buys Classic Cars has bought his classic cars through several other methods. The first is through the website. Over the years our page ranking such that if someone  types in “sell my classic car”, “buyers of classic cars or any variation, Dennis Buys Cars will pop up.
Furthermore, this company is a “brick and mortar” operation, meaning we are real people who are there everyday. Dennis actually answer the phone! We know how frustrating it is to do a search on Google for goods or services and as you start calling from the list only to find voicemails or disconnected numbers. We are there to give you friendly advice regarding selling your classic car.
Another method is word of mouth. We have bought thousands of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles over the years. People who are happy with our services tell their friends and they tell their friends, etc. As a result we are constantly getting referrals from past customers who have sold us their classic car.

Dennis Loves to Buy Mustangs!

Similarly, people find out about us by seeing our signage or our cool cars parked out front driving by our great location on Venice Boulevard in the West LA/Culver City area. Many times people stop in to browse after driving by so many times over the years.
Due to the fact that we wanted to bring it to the next level we decided to try searching for Classic Cars on KNX 1070 AM news station. It was an immediate success. Every time the ad ran the phone jumped off the hook! We immediately found a new source for classic cars plus we met some great people.
Consequently, Mark was one of the first people to answer our ad. He had a 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe that he had for many years. Mark let his daughter use it for a time when she was in college now he decided to sell it because he didn’t want to keep putting money into it. It needed some repairs and it was just sitting in the driveway. This is a very common motivation. Classic cars require upkeep and the worst thing you can do to a classic car is to let them sit.

Tune into to hear Classic Cars on KNX 1070 Ad

As result, gas goes bad in the gas tank and it starts to rust. The fuel lines, fuel pump and carburetor get clogged. Brake fluid eats away at the master cylinder and tires disintegrate. These repairs can run in the thousands of dollars. So, if you’re not going to use, sell it to us! We will bring new life into it and find a good home.
In addition, will buy classic cars, trucks or motorcycles in any condition. Whether it be a fully restored car that needs nothing or your grandfather’s old Chevy that has been sitting in the backyard for decades that is sinking into the ground. Whatever the case, we will identify exactly what you have, help you determine what it’s worth and make you an offer.
In conclusion, void the hassle and the risks associated with attempting to sell your car privately. You don’t need strangers coming to your home or people making appointments that don’t even  show up. Plus, we handle all paperwork and release of liability with the DMV. When you sell a car privately, you hand your open title to the buyer and blindly trust him to transfer it into his name in a timely manner. As a result, doesn’t always happen and your title with your name on can float from person to person and sometimes even country to country.

Mark Heard Our Ad for Classic Cars on KNX 1070

Furthermore, we have great reviews from Google, Yelp and thousand of satisfied customers over the years. Check out our Video Blog and our cars for sale. Have a motorcycle for sale? We will buy that bike!

Dennis Goddard: Mark, tell us about this car that you’re selling today.
Mark: This car is a 1965 Mustang that I’ve own since 1980. Got an emotional attachment that I maintained for 40 years now. I wanted to make sure it was taken care of it and restored, something I couldn’t do. Dennis came by, made me an offer, he is taking it back, promising me good thing with it. I’m very, very satisfied with this transaction.
Dennis: Right, Mark tell us about the ownership history then. You had it since 1980? What did you do to it? what kind of things did you do over those years to restore?
Mark: Well I’ve always had an affinity with 65 Mustangs, this is the second one I own. When I bought this one I had it painted. I did a little restoration myself before the children and family and everything else. This car does belong in my heart and I’ve done a few things.
Dennis: Are you gonna cry a little bit?
Mark: I might, as I get older I get more attached. Dennis is holding my hand here.
Dennis: We’ll be gentle, I promise.
Mark: You better be!

“It was a very easy, comforting transaction”

Dennis: Tell us Mark, why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?
Mark: All the simplicity the transaction. I don’t have to worry about someone I don’t know. We don’t have to worry about going to an automobile club or dmv even worse. I feel that the transaction occurs, the title transfer occurs at one point at one point in time I got paid cash. It was a very easy transaction, very comforting transaction for me.
Dennis: Well, thank you and how did you hear about Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars?
Mark: I heard about buying Classic Cars on KNX 1070 on the radio. I was contemplating selling the car and it just happen that Dennis Buys Classic Cars add was running on KNX Radio. It was exactly what I was looking for, I called it up and a week later we are making the transaction.
Dennis: Great, we really appreciated, we’ll give you a call, come over and take a look when is done.
Mark: I’ll do that, I’m taking you up on it.
Dennis: Thank you

Classic Cars on KNX 1070